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Do you know exactly what to speak about if you find yourself having difficulty in Malay? You may be in a situation where an individual is annoying you or perhaps you had lost your travelling bag inside a region where they talk in Malay. Learn More

You do not have to be concerned. We collected a variety of Malay key phrases which you can use in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Malay Language

Leave me alone.Jangan ganggu saya. (...)
Get lost!Berambus! ("...")
Don't touch me!Jangan pegang saya! (...)
I'll call the police.Saya akan panggil polis. (...)
Police!Polis! (...)
Help!Tolong! ("...")
Stop! Rapist!Berhenti! Perogol! ("...")
Stop! Thief!Berhenti! Pencuri! (...)
Please help me.Tolonglah saya. (...)
It's an emergency.Ini kecemasan. (...)
I'm lost.Saya tersesat. (...)
I lost my bag.Saya hilang beg saya. (...)
I lost my wallet.Saya hilang dompet saya. (...)
I'm sick.Saya sakit. (...)
I feel dizzy.Saya rasa pening kepala. ("...")
I've been injured.Saya terluka. (...)
I'm bleeding.Saya berdarah. ("...")
I need a doctor.Saya perlu doktor. (...)
Can I use your phone?Boleh saya guna telefon awak? (BO-leh SAH-yuh GOO-nuh TE-le-phone AH-wah[glottal stop]...)

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