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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Montenegrin Language

Choose to reserve a hotel room in Montenegro? How do you say, I would like to reserve an accommodation in Montenegrin? Helpful Montenegrin vocab with regard to booking a room in resorts or seeking to require a room with a balcony. Learn More

While using the Montenegrin holiday accommodation similar key phrases below, you can learn how to express your questions in Montenegrin. Some of these inquiries include: “how many days you’re reserving for?” and “how much does it cost to book a room?” Subsequently, you are able to figure out the actual responses in Montenegrin.
Montenegrin Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?(imate li neku slobodnu sobu )
How much is a room for one person/two people?(koliko kosta soba za jednu/dvije sobe )
Does the room come with...(jesu li u sobu uracunati )
...bedsheets?(prekrivaci )
...a bathroom?('soba' )
...a telephone?(telefon )
...a TV?(teve )
May I see the room first?(mogu li najprije vidjeti sobu)
Do you have anything quieter?(imate li nesto )
...bigger?(vece )
...cleaner?(cistije )
...cheaper?(jeftinije )
OK, I'll take it.(u rdu. uzecu tu. )
I will stay for _____ night(s).(ostacu noc/i )
Can you suggest another hotel?(mozete li mi predloziti drugi hotel )
Do you have a safe?(imate li bezbjedne )
...lockers?(brave )
Is breakfast/supper included?(je li dorucak/rucak uracunat )
What time is breakfast/supper?(u koliko sati je d/r )
Please clean my room.(molim pocistite moju sobu )
Can you wake me at _____?(mozete li me probuditi u )
I want to check out.(zelim da se odjavim )

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