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When you are in Montenegro or a Montenegrin speaking country, ever thought about the right way to tell the actual time in Montenegrin? Telling the actual time in Montenegrin depends upon understanding the Montenegrin numbers and a couple of guidelines concerning the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Montenegrin. Learn More

In this site, you will understand quickly how one can reveal to the time in Montenegrin using the following phrases for:
Montenegrin Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Montenegrin Language

now(sada )
later(kasnije )
before(prije )
morning(jutro )
afternoon(podne )
evening(vece )
night(noc )

Want to find out the simplest way to say eight o’clock in Montenegrin? Use the phrases below that may help you tell the current time on the actual clock in Montenegrin.
one o'clock AM(jedan sat )
two o'clock AM(dva sata )
noon(kasno podne )
one o'clock PM( )
two o'clock PM( )
midnight(ponoc )

Take advantage of the fundamental Montenegrin sentences to determine the time period such as a Year, Week and a Four week period when it comes to Montenegrin language.
_____ minute(s)minuto (minut/a)
_____ hour(s)viache (sat/i )
_____ day(s)dine (dan/a )
_____ week(s)semale (sedmica/e )
_____ month(s)fro (mjesec/i)
_____ year(s)inia (godina/e )

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to find out a list of practical Montenegrin holiday phrases which you’ll find sorted by theme. For each holiday phrase in Montenegrin, there’ll be the English translation.

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