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Do you know what to express if you find yourself having difficulty in Montenegrin? You could be in a scenario where somebody is annoying you or perhaps you had missing your bag in a country where they communicate in Montenegrin. Learn More

People do not need to get worried. We put together a range of Montenegrin keywords which can be used in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Montenegrin Language

Leave me alone.. (ostavi me na miru .)
Don't touch me!! (ne diraj me !)
I'll call the police.. (zvacu policiju .)
Police!! (policija !)
Stop! Thief!! ! (stani ! lopov!)
I need your help.. (treba mi tvoja pomoc .)
It's an emergency.. (ovo je hitno .)
I'm lost.. (izgubio/la sam se .)
I lost my bag.. (izgubio/la sam torbu .)
I lost my wallet.. (izgubio/la sam novcanik .)
I'm sick.. (lose mi je .)
I've been injured.. (povrijedio/la sam se .)
I need a doctor.. (treba mi doktor .)
Can I use your phone?? (mogu li koristiti tvoj telefon ?)

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