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About Ordering Food in Montenegrin

Hungry? How to start buying meals in Montenegrin? These are typically many of the questions you’ll have whenever travelling in a Montenegrin speaking nation. Learn More

Regardless if you are going to reside in a Montenegrin speaking country or going on a short visit there, finding out how to purchase food in Montenegrin is very important. Going out at Montenegrin eateries and cafes generally is a lot of pleasure, particularly if you fully understand some fundamental Montenegrin restaurant vocab. More …
Montenegrin Language Words

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We now have stated various typical meal relevant terms in Montenegrin, listed below, hoping they might help you if you are ordering food items in Montenegrin.

Speaking Montenegrin When Eating Out

Click the link to know the Montenegrin dinner words quickly which you can use for purchasing food items in Montenegrin dining places and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.(sto za jednu/dvije osobe,molim )
Can I look at the menu, please?(mogu li pogledati u jelovnik )
Can I look in the kitchen?(mogu li pogledati u kuhinju )
Is there a house specialty?(ima li specijalitet kuce )
Is there a local specialty?(ima li lokalni specijalitet )
I'm a vegetarian.(ja sam vegetarijanac )
I don't eat pork.(ne jedem svinjetinu )
I don't eat beef.('ne jedem govedinu)
I only eat kosher food.(jedem samo svjezu hranu)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)(mozete li spremiti s manje masti )
fixed-price meal( )
a la carte(po jelovniku )
breakfast(dorucak )
lunch(rucak )
tea (meal)( )
supper(vecera )
I want _____.(htio/la bih )
I want a dish containing _____.(h bi jelo koje sadrzi )
beef(govedinu )
fish(ribu )
ham(virslu )
sausage(kobasicu )
cheese(sir )
eggs(jaja )
salad(salatu )
(fresh) vegetables(svjeze povrce )
(fresh) fruit(svjeze voce )
bread(hleb )
toast(tost )
noodles(kiflice )
rice(pirinac )
beans(zrna )
May I have a glass of _____?(mogu li dobiti casu )
May I have a cup of _____?(mogu li dobiti solju )
May I have a bottle of _____?(mogu li dobiti bocu )
coffee(kafe )
tea (drink)(caja )
juice(soka )
(bubbly) water(mineralne vode )
(still) water(obicne vode )
beer(piva )
red/white wine(crvenog/bijelog vina )
May I have some _____?(mogu li dobiti malo )
salt(soli )
black pepper(crnog bibera )
butter(maslaca )
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)(izvinite, konobar )
I'm finished.(zavrsio/la sam )
It was delicious.(bilo je izvrsno)
Please clear the plates.(molim ocistite tanjire )
The check, please.(racun,molim )

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