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Dealing With Authorities in Pashto Language

If you are venturing in Afghanistan or possibly any destination where they talk Pashto and you’re in an emergency situation, experiencing authorities for example the police in Pashto might be challenging. You’ll want to learn at the least the fundamental Pashto terms for emergencies that may help you get hold of your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Pashto Phrases For Emergencies

Pashto Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.زه ګرم نه يم [zə gram nə yəm] (ze gram NE yem)
It was a misunderstanding.سم سره پوه نه شوو [sam sara poh nə shwu] (SAM sa-ra POH ne shwu)
Where are you taking me?چېرې مې بيايې؟ [chērē mē bodzəi?] (CHEH-reh meh boh-zei?)
Am I under arrest?زه مو ونيولم؟ [zə mo wuniwuləm?] (ze moh WU-nee-wu-lem?)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.د امريکا/استراليا/برتانيه/کانادا هېوادوال يم [da amrikaa/astraalyaa/bartaanya/kaanaadaa hēwaadwaal yəm] (da am-ree-KAA / as-traal-YAA / bar-taan-YA / kaa-naa-DAA heh-waad-WAAL yem)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.له امريکا/استراليا/برتانيه/کانادا سفارتخانې سره غږېدل غواړم [la amrikaa/astraalyaa/bartaanya/kaanaadaa sifaaratkhaanē sara ghagēdəl ghwaarrəm] (la am-ree-KAA / as-traal-YAA / bar-taan-YA / kaa-naa-DAA see-faa-rat-khaa-NEH sa-ra gha-geh-DEL ghwaa-rrem)
I want to speak to a lawyer.له قانون پوه سره غږېدل غواړم [la qanun poh sara ghagēdəl ghwaarrəm] (la kaa-noon POH sa-ra gha-geh-DEL ghwaa-rrem)
Can I just pay a fine now?اوس تشه جرمانه درکم؟ [os təsha jurmaana darkəm?] (ohs TE-sha jur-maa-NA DAR-kem?)

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