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Do you know what to talk about if you find yourself having difficulty in Pashto? You might be in a situation where anyone is troubling you or perhaps you had misplaced your bag in a country in which they speak Pashto. Learn More

You don’t have to worry. We gathered a variety of Pashto keywords which can be used in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Pashto Language

Leave me alone.يوازې مې پرېږده [yawaazē mē prēgda] (ya-WAA-zeh meh prehg-da)
Don't touch me!!لاس مه راوړه [laas ma raawrra] (laas MA raaw-rra!)
I'll call the police!!پوليس ته به تېلفون وکم [pulis ta ba tēlifun wukəm] (poo-LEES ta ba teh-lee-FOON wu-kem!)
Police!!پوليس [pulis] (poo-LEES!)
Stop! Thief!!ودرېږه! غل [wudrēga! ghal!] (WUD-reh-ga! ghal!)
I need your help.ستاسو مرسته مې په کار ده [staaso mrasta mē pə kaar da] (STAA-soh MRAS-ta meh pe kaar da)
It's an emergency.مجبوري ده [majburi da] (maj-boo-REE da)
I'm lost.زه ورک يم [zə wruk yəm] (ze WRUK yem)
I lost my bag.کڅوړه را نه ورکه شوه [katsorra raa na wruka shwa] (ka-TSOH-rra raa na WRU-ka shwa)
I lost my wallet.بټوه را نه ورکه شوه [battwa raa na wruka shwa] (batt-WA raa na WRU-ka shwa)
I'm sick.ناروغه يم [naarogha yəm] (naa-ROH-gha yem)
I've been injured.خوږ شوى يم [khug shuway yəm] (khug SHU-wai yem)
I need a doctor.ما ته داکتر په کار دى [maa ta daaktər pə kaar day] (maa ta daak-TER pe kaar dai)
Can I use your phone?ستاسو تېلفون استعمالوى شم؟ [staaso tēlifun istimaalaway shəm?] (staa-soh teh-lee-FOON ees-tee-maa-la-WAI shem?)
What is this?دا څه شى دي؟ [daa tsəshay di?] (daa TSE-shai di?)

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