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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Pashto Language

Wish to know the way to voice the actual phone numbers in Pashto? You may want to count up to Ten in Pashto. We have now included each written pronunciations of methods to talk about the actual figures when it comes to Pashto language. We are able to in fact share with you how you can say major numbers in Pashto simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Pashto Language

We now have all the Pashto numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you may need to study. More …

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To help make counting the particular numbers found in Pashto easier for you, we have now categorised the numbers in to smaller-sized parts. Each of these internet pages contain a short online video you can enjoy to understand the correct pronunciation.
0صفر [sifər] (SEE-fer)
1يو [yaw] (YAW) m, يوه [yawa] (ya-WA) f
2دوه [dwa] (DWA)
3درې [drē] (DREH)
4څلور [tsalor] (tsa-LOHR)
5پنځه [pindzə] (peen-ZE)
6شپږ [shpag] (SHPAG)
7اووه [uwə] (oo-WE)
8اته [atə] (a-TE)
9نه [nə] (NE)
10لس [las] (LAS)
11يوولس [yawolas] (ya-WOH-las)
12دوولس [dwolas] (DWOH-las)
13ديارلس [dyaarlas] (DYAAR-las)
14څوارلس [tswaarlas] (TSWAAR-las)
15پنځلس [pindzəlas] (peen-ZE-las)
16شپاړس [shpaarras] (SHPAA-rras)
17اوولس [uwəlas] (oo-WE-las)
18اتلس [atəlas] (a-TE-las)
19نولس [nulas] (NOO-las)
20شل [shəl] (SHEL)
21يو ويشت [yaw wisht] (YAW weesht)
22دوه ويشت [dwa wisht] (DWA weesht)
30دېرش [dērsh] (DEHRSH)
33درې دېرش [drē dērsh] (DREH dehrsh)
40څلوېښت [tsalwēk'ht] (tsal-WEHKHT)
44څلور څلوېښت [tsalor tsalwēk'ht] (tsa-LOHR tsal-wehkht)
50پنځوس [pəndzos] (pen-ZOHS)
55پنځه پنځوس [pindzə pəndzos] (peen-ZE pen-zohs)
60شپېته [shpētə] (shpeh-TE)
70اويا [awyaa] (aw-YAA)
80اتيا [atyaa] (at-YAA)
90نوي [nəwi] (ne-WEE)
100سل [səl] (SEL)
111يو سل يوولس [yaw səl yawolas] (YAW sel, ya-WOH-las)
200دوه سوه [dwa sawa] (DWA sawa)
500پنځه سوه [pindzə sawa] (peen-ZE sawa)
1000زر [zər] (ZER)
2000دوه زره [dwa zəra] (DWA zera)
10,000لس زره [las zəra] (LAS zera)
100,000يو لک [yaw lak] (YAW lak)
200,000دوه لکه [dwa laka] (DWA laka)
one millionيو ميليون [yaw milyun] (YAW meel-YOON)
halfنيم [nim] (NEEM)
Number _____ (train, bus, etc.)نمبر _____ [____ nambar] (____ nam-BAR)
lessکم [kam] (KAM)
moreزيات [zyaat] ( ZYAAT)

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