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How to say money in Pashto

Want to know the Pashto term for money? now we have right here a number of Pashto cash related words you might be in need of whenever traveling in Pashto speaking countries. Learn More

Going on a vacation is generally extremely expensive, for this reason it is very important to have a decent understanding of Pashto terminology for money similar matters like for example dealing with money and banking. More Info
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Each and every country around the world has its own fiscal system. Interchanging money in Pashto speaking countries is considered the most common banking need for people going abroad. For this reason, it is necessary that you obtain the most your money can buy by getting acquainted with these common financial words in Pashto.

Dealing With Money in Pashto

You will find there’s variety of Pashto words that can be used while dealing with money in Afghanistan or even just when pruchasing something in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?د امريکا/استراليا/کانادا ډالر قبلوئ؟ [da amrikaa/astraalyaa/kaanaadaa ddaalər qablawəi?] (da am-ree-KAA / as-traal-YAA / kaa-naa-DAA ddaa-LER qab-la-WEI?)
Do you accept British pounds?د برتانيه پونډ قبلوئ؟ [da bartaanya pondd qablawəi?] (da bar-taan-YA POHNDD qab-la-WEI?)
Do you accept credit cards?کريديت کارت قبلوئ؟ [kridit kaart qablawəi?] (kree-deet KAART qab-la-WEI?)
Can you change money for me?پيسې را ته بدلوئ شئ؟ [paysē raa ta badlawəi shəi?] (pai-SEH raa ta bad-la-WEI shei?)
Where can I get money changed?پيسې چېرې بدلوى شم؟ [paysē chērē badlaway shəm?] (pai-SEH CHEH-reh bad-la-wai shem?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?ټراولر چېک را ته بدلوئ شئ؟ [ttraawlər chēk raa ta badlawəi shəi?] (ttraaw-ler CHEHK raa ta bad-la-WEI shei?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?ټراولر چېک چېرې بدلوى شم؟ [ttraawlər chēk chērē badlaway shəm?] (ttraaw-ler CHEHK CHEH-reh bad-la-wai shem?)
What is the exchange rate?د تبادلې بيه څومره ده؟ [da tabaadlē baya tsomra da?] (da ta-baad-LEH BA-ya TSOHM-ra da?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?

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