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About the Colours in Turkish

If you find yourself contemplating to take a shopping spree in Turkey or a Turkish speaking nation, be sure to master the colours in Turkish language. Names of colors in Turkish will come in extremely handy if you find yourself seeking for extra choices in several items you’re considering to shop for. Learn More

As a result of this web content, it is simple to know how to suggest the names of various colors in Turkish. We hope that by reading through and understanding the Turkish color chart below, you are able to express all the actual most important colors in Turkish.
Turkish Language Words

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Turkish Colours List

BlackSiyah (see yah)
WhiteAk (ak)
YellowSarı (saa rıh)
BlueMavi (mao vee)
NavyLacivert (la jee vert)
GreenYeşil (yea sheal)
RedKızıl (khızıl)
PinkPembe (pam bhe)
OrangeTuruncu (too roon joo)
PurpleMor (more)
BrownKahverengi (kaah ve rengi)

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