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In case you are in Turkey or maybe a Turkish speaking region, have you ever wondered how one can tell the time in Turkish? Telling the time in Turkish depends upon knowing the Turkish numbers and a few guidelines with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Turkish. Learn More

Within this web page, you will understand quickly how to reveal to the time in Turkish while using the following terms with regard to:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Turkish Language

nowşimdi (shim di)
latersonra (...)
beforeönce (...)
morningsabah (...)
afternoonöğleden sonra (...)
eveningakşam (ak sham)
nightgece (ge jay)

Wish to know the best way to say five o’clock in Turkish? Use the sentences listed below that may help you tell the actual time on the actual clock in Turkish.
one o'clock AMSaat gece 1 (literally "hour is night one")
two o'clock AMSaat gece 2
six o'clock AMSaat sabah 6 (literally "hour is morning six")
one o'clock PMSaat 13/öğleden sonra 1
two o'clock PMSaat 14/öğleden sonra 2
five o'clock PMSaat 17/akşam 5 (literally "hour is evening five")
eight o'clock PMSaat 20/gece 8 (literally "hour is night eight")
midnightgece yarısı
Please note that when saying giving the time, one would normally only use one to twelve, unless having to make sure there's no doubt as to whether it's past or before noon, in which case the twenty-four hour system or affixes such as "morning", "afternoon", "evening", and "night" are used.

Utilize the fundamental Turkish sentences to determine the time duration like a Year, Week and a Four week period in Turkish language.
_____ minute(s)_____ dakika
_____ hour(s)_____ saat
_____ day(s)_____ gün
_____ week(s)_____ hafta
_____ month(s)_____ ay
_____ year(s)_____ yıl

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