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About Getting Directions in Turkish Language

While exploring in Turkey or any country in which many people talk in Turkish, do you know the way to get to your vacation destination? Commuting in Turkish-speaking cities is often interesting not to mention adventurous. Learn More

Nonetheless, it is good to learn easy methods to ask recommendations in Turkish and also to understand what you happen to be advised. Turkish Phrases For Direction
Turkish Language Words

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The following Turkish expressions beneath will assist you to comprehend instructions in Turkish.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Turkish

Where?(direction) nereye? (nar eyeh)
Leftsol (sole)
Rightsağ (saa)
Straightdüz (dooz)
Hereburada (bur ah da)
Above/over __________nın üzerinde
Under(neath) __________nın altında
Adjacent to __________nın yanında

Click on the links directly below to check out a number of beneficial Turkish holiday phrases that are organized by group. For every travel phrase in Turkish, you will see the actual English interpretation.

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