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Learn How to Say Numbers in Turkish Language

Want to find out how you can pronounce the phone numbers in Turkish? You might need to add up to Twelve in Turkish. We have now provided each written pronunciations of how to talk about typically the numbers when it comes to Turkish language. We’re able to even present to you ways to say great figures in Turkish simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Turkish Language

We’ve got all of the the Turkish numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you may need to read. More …

Turkish Language Words

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To ensure counting the particular numbers when it comes to Turkish simpler for you, we have now broken down the numbers in to smaller sized areas. Every one of these web pages feature a brief video you can watch to master the most suitable pronunciation.
1bir (beer)
2iki (icki)
3üç (uech)
4dört (dirt)
5beş (besh)
6altı (altuh)
7yedi (yedi)
8sekiz (sekiz)
9dokuz (dokuz)
10on (on)
11on bir (on bir)
12on iki (on icki)
13on üç (on uech)
14on dört (on doert)
15on beş (on besh)
16on altı (on altuh)
17on yedi (on yedi)
18on sekiz (on sekiz)
19on dokuz (on dokuz)
20yirmi (yir mi)
21yirmi bir(yir mi bir)
22yirmi iki (yir mi icki)
23yirmi üç (yir mi uech)
30otuz (otuz)
40kırk (kuhrk)
50elli (elli)
60altmış (altmuhsh)
70yetmiş (yet mish)
80seksen (seksen)
90doksan (doksan)
100yüz (yuez)
200iki yüz (icky yuez)
300üç yüz (uech yuez)
1000bin (bin)
2000iki bin (icky bin)
1,000,000bir milyon (beer milyon)
1,000,000,000bir milyar (beer milyar)
1,000,000,000,000bir trilyon (beer trilyon)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)_____ numara (numara)
halfbuçuk (boo chuook) when after a number like one and a half : bir buçuk; yarım (yah ruhm) for e.g. half a bread : yarım ekmek
lessaz (as)
moreçok (chock)

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to find a list of practical Turkish travel words and phrases which are structured by group. For each holiday word or phrase in Turkish, there’ll be the English translation.

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