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Ordering Drinks in Turkish Bar

When inside a Turkish speaking location and you need to purchase a cocktail at a bar or simply a shop. It is good to be familiar with a few Turkish terms to buy cold drinks. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Turkish Language

Dehydrated in Turkey or perhaps in a country where they talk the Turkish language? We have detailed valuable Turkish keyword phrases to purchase drinks in Turkish language.

Turkish Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?İçki var mı? (ickhi wha mhi)
Is there table service?Masaya servis var mı?
A beer/two beers, please.Bir/iki bira, lütfen (beer/icky bhira,luet fen)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Bir bardak kırmızı/beyaz şarap, lütfen. (beer bar duck khırmizi/bay iz shar up, luet fen )
A pint, please.Yarım litre, lütfen. (ya ream lit rhe, luet fen)
A bottle, please.Şişe, lütfen. (shishe, luet fen)
rumrom (rhom)
watersu (sue)
club sodasoda (soda)
orange juiceportakal suyu (pore-tuck-al sue you )
CokeCola (cola)
One more, please.Bir tane daha, lütfen. (beer thane dahha, luet fen)
Another round, please.Birer tane daha, lütfen. (beer-ar thane dahha, luet fen)
When is closing time?Ne zaman kapatıyorsunuz?
Cheers!Şerefe! (sherafa)

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