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Alphabet in Dutch Language

Understanding the Dutch alphabet is essential to learn the Dutch Language. Dutch alphabet configuration is applied in a daily conversation. Without the Dutch alphabet, it is extremely hard to speak the Dutch phrases properly even if you learn how to write those phrases in Dutch. Learn More

Like in any language, the far better you articulate a letter in a word, the better grasped you will be in talking the Dutch language. Listed here are web links that guides you to the Dutch alphabet and exactly how it can be pronounced in English.
Dutch Language Words

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Vowels in Dutch Alphabet

alike 'a' in "calm", (but shorter)
elike 'e' in "pen" or 'e' in "the" (at word endings)
ilike 'i' in "pin"
olike 'o' in "fork"
oelike 'oo' in "too" (but shorter)
ulike 'u' in "upset"
ylike 'i' in "pin" or 'ee' in "deep"
a, aalike 'aa' in "Afrikaans"
e, eelike 'a' in "day"
eusimilar to 'e' in "mercy"
ielike 'ea' in "sea"
o, oolike 'o' in "ago"
oelike 'oo' in "too"
u, uulike 'ü' in German "München"

Consonants in Dutch Alphabet

blike 'b' in "bed"
clike 'c' in "can" (k) or the 'c' in "certain" (s)
chlike 'ch' in Scottish "loch"
dlike 'd' in "do"
flike 'f' in "feel"
gvoiced 'ch'-sound
hlike 'h' in "have"
jlike 'y' in "you"
klike 'k' in "kilo"
llike 'l' in "low"
mlike 'm' in "man"
nlike 'n' in "no"; often dropped at the end of words
plike 'p' in "pet"
qlike 'q' in "quick"
reither like the Scottish 'r'/ Spanish 'rr' or like the French 'r' but from the back of the throat
slike 's' in "say"
sjlike 'sh' in "she"
tlike 't' in "top"
vlike 'v' in "vein"
wlike 'w' in "we"
xlike 'x' in "axe"
ylike 'y' in "yes"
zlike 'z' in "zoo"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Dutch Alphabet

au, oulike 'ow' in "how"
eeuwlike 'a' in "day" and substituting the 'y'-sound at the end with a 'w'-sound
ei, ijlike 'ay' in "say"
ieuwlike 'ea' in "sea" followed by a 'w'-sound
uilike 'i' in "sir" followed by a 'w'-sound.

Since many Dutch and Flemish people like to practice their English, it is very difficult to learn more than the basics. You will notice that even after having reached a reasonable level people continue to respond in English after having started the conversation in Dutch.
Older people generally rarely speak English though, so a bit of Dutch can come in handy.

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