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About Ordering Food in Dutch

Hungry? How to start placing your order food in Dutch? These are a number of the inquiries you will have whenever travelling in a Dutch speaking destination. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re intending to live in a Dutch speaking country or intending on a quick visit there, understanding how to get meals in Dutch is necessary. Eating out at Dutch restaurants and bistros generally is a lot of fun, especially if you fully understand some fundamental Dutch restaurant vocab. More …
Dutch Language Words

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Now we have stated numerous common food relevant sentences in Dutch, below, wishing they might assist you if you are purchasing food items in Dutch.

Speaking Dutch When Eating Out

Click this link to know the Dutch meal sentences quite simply you can use for buying dinner in Dutch dining establishments and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.Een tafel voor een/twee alstublieft. (uhn TAH-fuhl vore ane/tway ALS-tuu-bleeft)
Can I look at the menu, please?Mag ik het menu, alstublieft? (magh ick hut muh-NUU ALS-tuu-bleeft)
Can I look in the kitchen?Mag ik de keuken zien, alstublieft? (magh ick duh KOY-kun zene ALS-tuu-bleeft)
Is there a house specialty?Is er een specialiteit van het huis? (is uhr uhn SPAY-sha-lee-taiyt vahn hut huys)
Is there a local specialty?Serveert u streekgerechten? (SERR-vayrt uu STRAKE-guh-regh-tun)
I'm a vegetarian.Ik ben vegetariër. (ick ben VAY-ghu-tah-ree-uhr)
I don't eat pork.Ik eet geen varkensvlees. (ick ate ghane VAR-kuns-vlase)
I only eat kosher food.Ik eet alleen koosjer voedsel. (ick ate AHL-ane KOH-shur VOOT-sul)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Een licht gerecht, alstublieft? (uhn lihght GUH-reght ALS-tuu-bleeft)
fixed-price mealdagschotel (DAGH-sghow-tul)
à la carteà la carte (ah lah kahrt)
breakfastontbijt (ont-BAIYT)
lunchlunch (lunch)
tea (meal)vieruurtje (VEER-uuhr-chuh)
supperavondeten (AH-vunt-ay-tun)
I want _____.Ik wil _____. (ick wil ___)
I want a dish containing _____.Ik wil een gerecht met _____. (ick wil uhn GUH-reght met ______)
chickenkip (kip)
beefrundvlees (RUNT-vlase)
fishvis (vis)
hamham (hahm)
sausageworst (wohrst)
cheesekaas (kahs)
eggseieren (AIY-urr-un)
saladsalade (sah-LAH-duh)
(fresh) vegetables(verse) groenten ((VEHR-suh) GROON-tun)
(fresh) fruit(vers) fruit ((vehrs) fruyt)
breadbrood (brote)
toasttoast (toast)
noodlesnoedels (NOOH-duls)
ricerijst (raiyst)
beansbonen (BOW-nun)
May I have a glass of _____?Mag ik een glas _____? (magh ick uhn glahs ______)
May I have a cup of _____?Mag ik een kop _____? (magh ick uhn kop ________)
May I have a bottle of _____?Mag ik een fles _____? (magh ick uhn fles _____)
coffeekoffie (coffee)
tea (drink)thee (tay)
juicesap (sahp)
(bubbly) waterspuitwater (SPUYT-wah-tuhr)
waterwater (WAH-tuhr)
beerbier (beer)
red/white winerode/witte wijn (ROH-duh/WIH-tuh waiyn)
May I have some _____?Mag ik wat _____? (magh ick watt _____)
saltzout (zawt)
black pepperpeper (PAY-pur)
butterboter (BOW-tuhr)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Ober? (OH-buhr)
I'm finished.Ik ben klaar. (ick ben klahr)
It was delicious.Het was heel lekker. (hut wahs hale LEK-ur)
Please clear the plates.Kan u afruimen. (kahn uu AF-ruy-mun)
The check, please.De rekening, alstublieft. (duh RAY-kun-ing ALS-tuu-bleeft)

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