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About Dutch Pronunciation Rules

Pronunciation in Dutch is the best way a Dutch word or even a Dutch language is undoubtedly expressed, or the method by which an individual uttters the single phrase. If one is thought to have the”correct Dutch pronunciation”, this describes both of these within a particular Dutch language. Learn More

A Dutch word may be talked differently by numerous people or communities and this varies according to a number of factors, for example: the length of the cultural exposure during their own childhood, where the person lives, his or her cultural circle, his or her social state, and / or his or her education. Learn the rules
Dutch Language Words

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When it comes to Dutch, the exact letter found in two diverse words can make two differing sounds. Many letters in Dutch language are not pronounced at all. Usually, it is possible to sound out words. Hence, many experienced non native Dutch speakers (and occasionally some native speakers) often mispronounce Dutch words.

Like English, Dutch pronunciation can be challenging, simply because of intricacies such as silent letters, various sounds for just a individual letter, together with never ending exceptions to what ever rules you find in the Dutch pronunciation. This site has lots of web pages that points out the Dutch pronunciation rules in addition to conditions in significant detail. This is often perfect meant for advanced students, but it really can be extremely complex for beginners of Dutch language. We make sure to ease Dutch pronunciation rules to make it easier for you to start Dutch, even though you may not know how each and every Dutch letter combination is pronounced in most scenario. We understand that sometime, you will want to study a lot more in-depth Dutch instruction on Dutch pronunciation rules.

Learn How to Pronounce Dutch Words

Dutch has some vowel sounds that are not known in many other languages so they may be hard to learn.

Select the links below to view a list of practical Dutch travel phrases which you’ll find organized by theme. For every travel word or phrase in Dutch, you will find the actual English translation.

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