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Do you know what to talk about if you find yourself having problems in Dutch? You might be in a scenario where an individual is troubling you or perhaps you had misplaced your bag in a region where they speak Dutch. Learn More

You do not need to worry. We compiled a variety of Dutch words that you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Dutch Language

Leave me alone.Laat me met rust. (LAHT muh met RUST)
Don't touch me!Blijf van me af! (BLEYF van muh AHF)
I'll call the police.Ik bel de politie. (ick bell duh poh-LEE-see)
Police!Politie! (poh-LEET-see)
Stop! Thief!Stop! Dief! (STOP DEEF)
I need your help.Ik heb uw hulp nodig. (ick HEP uu HULP noh-duhg)
It's an emergency.Het is een noodgeval. (hut IS uhn NOWT-guh-vahl)
I'm lost.Ik ben verdwaald. (ick BEN vuhr-DWAHLT)
I lost my bag.Ik heb mijn bagage verloren. (ick HEP meyn bah-GHAH-zhuh vuhr-LOH-run)
I lost my wallet.Ik heb mijn portefeuille verloren. (ick HEP meyn por-tuh-FUH-yuh vuhr-LOH-run)
I'm sick.Ik ben misselijk. (ick ben mih-suh-luk)
I'm injured.Ik ben gewond. (ick ben ghuh-WONT)
I need a doctor.Ik heb een dokter nodig. (ick hep uhn DOCK-tuhr no-duhg)
Can I use your phone?Mag ik uw telefoon gebruiken? (MAHG ick uu tay-lay-PHOHN ghuh-BROWK-kuhn)

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