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Useful Dutch Phrases for Getting Taxi

Need to know how you can say, How much is usually a taxi to your hotel in Dutch? Learn More

We have now included frequent Dutch words and phrases designed for obtaining a taxi in Dutch with the help of English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Dutch

Taxi!Taxi! (TAK-see)
Take me to _____, please.Breng me naar _____, alstublieft. (BRANG muh nahr .... ALS tuu BLEEFT)
How much does it cost to get to _____?Wat kost het om naar _____ te gaan? (WATT KOST uht om nahr _____ tuh GHAHN)
Take me there, please.Breng me erheen, alstublieft. (BRANG muh er-HAYN, ALS tuu BLEEFT)

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