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About the Colours in Brazilian

While you are thinking to go on a shopping spree in Brazil or a Brazilian speaking country, be sure to master the colours in Brazilian language. The names of colors in Brazilian comes in quite invaluable if you find yourself seeking for greater possible choices in a lot of products your are thinking to purchase. Learn More

From this website, you’ll be able to figure out how to reveal the names of various colors in Brazilian. We believe by reading and understanding the Brazilian colour chart beneath, you’ll be able to express most of the actual main colors in Brazilian.
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Brazilian Colours List

Most adjectives change the final o to a in the feminine and add s (pronounced sh) to form the plural. If the adjective ends in "a", there is no separate masculine form.
blackpreto (PREH-too)
whitebranco (BRAHNG-koo)
graycinzento (sing-ZEHN-too)
redvermelho (ver-MEH-lyoo)
blueazul (ah-ZOOL), pl. azuis (ah-ZWEESH)
yellowamarelo (ah-mah-REH-lo)
greenverde (vehrd (Port.)/ VEHR-day (Brazil)/ VEHR-jay (Rio))
orangelaranja (lah-RANG-jah)
purpleroxo (HOH-show)
violetvioleta (vee-oh-LAY-tah)
pinkcor de rosa (Cohr day HOH-sah / Cohr jay HOH-sah (Rio))
brown (Port.)castanho (cah-SHTAHN-yoo)
brown (Brazil)marrom (mah-HON)
dark brown (skin)moreno (mor-RAY-no) / (pele) morena (PAY-lee mor-RAY-nah)

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