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How do we say the Days of the week in Brazilian language

When you find yourself exploring in Brazil and a person questions you in Brazilian “what day is it today?” you need to have learned to tell the days of the 7 days in Brazilian simply. What if an individual asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You will need to write the time in Brazilian perhaps. Make use of our day phrases in Brazilian under to tell the full week days in Brazilian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Brazilian

todayhoje (ohzh (Port.)/ OHZH-gee (Brazil))
yesterdayontem (OHN-taym)
tomorrowamanhã (a-mahn-YAHNG)
this weekesta semana (esh-tah seh-MAH-nah)
last weeka semana passada (ah s'MAH-nah pah-SAH-dah)
next weekpróxima semana (PRAW-see-mah s'MAH-nah)
Sundaydomingo (doh-MING-goo)
Mondaysegunda-feira (seh-GOON-dah fey-rah)
Tuesdayterça-feira (TEHR-sah fey-rah)
Wednesdayquarta-feira (KWAR-tah fey-rah)
Thursdayquinta-feira (KEEN-tah fey-rah)
Fridaysexta-feira (SESH-tah fey-rah)
Saturdaysábado (SAH-bah-doo)

Months in Brazilian Language

JanuaryJaneiro (zhah-NEY-roo)
FebruaryFevereiro (fev-REY-roo)
MarchMarço (MAR-soo)
AprilAbril (ah-BREEL)
MayMaio (MY-yo)
JuneJunho (JUN-yoo)
JulyJulho (JUHL-yoo)
AugustAgosto (AGOSH-too)
SeptemberSetembro (S'tembroo)
OctoberOutubro (Oh-TOO-broo)
NovemberNovembro (Noo-VEM-broo)
DecemberDezembro (D'ZEM-broo)

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