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About Ordering Food in Brazilian

Hungry? How to go about ordering food in Brazilian? These are typically some of the queries you will have whenever going in a Brazilian speaking region. Learn More

Whether you are planning to live in a Brazilian speaking country or going on a short visit there, knowing how to get meals in Brazilian is important. Eating out at Brazilian restaurants and bistros generally is a lot of excitement, especially if you fully understand some rudimentary Brazilian restaurant vocab. More …
Brazilian Language Words

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We have detailed numerous common food applicable words and phrases in Brazilian, below, with the hope they will often guide you while you’re purchasing dinner in Brazilian.

Speaking Brazilian When Eating Out

Simply click here to find out the Brazilian meals phrases quickly which can be used when it comes to buying meals in Brazilian restaurants and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.Uma mesa para uma/duas pessoa(s), por favor. (...)
Can I look at the menu, please?Posso ver o cardápio, por favor? (...)
Can I look in the kitchen?Posso ver a cozinha, por favor? (...)
Is there a house specialty?Ha uma especialidade da casa? (...)
Is there a local specialty?Há uma especialidade local? (...)
I'm a vegetarian.Sou vegetariano. (...)
I don't eat pork.Não como porco. (...)
I only eat kosher food.Só como kosher. (...)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Pode fazê-lo mais "leve" (menos óleo, manteiga, banha), por favor? (...)
half portionmeia-dose (MEY-a dohz)
full portionuma dose (OO-mah dohz)
fixed-price mealrefeição de preço fixo (...)
à la cartea la carte (...)
breakfastIn Brazil: o café-da-manhã (cah-FEH dah man-YAHN) (Lit. coffee of the morning)
lunchalmoço (...)
tea (meal)lanche (...)
supperjantar (...)
fruit-and-vegetable storesacolão (sah-koh-LOWN)
bread storepadaria (pah-dah-REE-ah)
I want _____.Quero _____. (...)
I want a dish containing _____.Quero um prato de _____. (...)
chickenIn Brazil: frango(...)
beefbife (...)
fishpeixe (peysh)
snakecobra (...)
hamIn Brazil: presunto (pre-ZOON-too)
In Portugalfiambre (f'YAMBR)
sausagesalsicha (...)
cheesequeijo (KAY-zhoo)
eggsovos (...)
saladsalada (...)
barbecue/roasted meatchurrasco (...)
(fresh) vegetablesvegetais (frescos)(...)
(fresh) fruitfruta (fresca) (...)
pineappleIn Brazil: abacaxi (ah-bah-kah-SHEE)
In Portugal: ananás (ah-nah-NAHSH)
acerolaacerola (ah-se-ROH-lah)
cashewcaju (kah-ZHOO)
In Brazil, this is the fruit; the nut is called castanha de caju (kash-TAH-nya ji kah-ZHOO).
guanabana, soursopgraviola (grah-vee-OH-lah)
starfruitcarambola (kah-ram-BOH-lah)
persimmonIn Brazil: caqui (kah-KEE)
In Portugal: dióspiro (dee-OSH-pee-roo)
strawberrymorango (moh-RAHNG-goo)
breadpão (powng), pl. pães (pighngsh)
toasttorrada (...)
noodlesmassa (...)
ricearroz (ah-ROZH)
whole graingrão integral (grown een-cheh-GROWL)
This is said of brown rice too (arroz integral, not arroz castanho).
beansfeijões (...)
N.B. Do not confuse feijão, pl. feijões, beans, with the feijoa, a small guava-like fruit.
May I have a glass of _____?Quero um copo de _____? (...)
May I have a cup of _____?Quero uma chávena(Port.)/xícara(Br.) de _____? (...)
May I have a bottle of _____?Quero uma garrafa _____? (...)
tea (drink)chá (...)
juiceIn Brazil: suco (SOO-koh)
In Portugal: sumo (SOO-moo)
(bubbly) waterágua com gás (...)
waterágua (AH-gwah)
beercerveja (ser-VAY-zhah)
yerba mateerva-mate/tererê/chimarrão (ehr-vah mah-TEH / _MAH-chee (Brazil) / teh-heh-HEH / shee-mah-HOWN)
red/white winevinho tinto/branco (...)
with/withoutcom/sem (kong/seng)
icegelo (ZHEH-loo)
sugaraçúcar (ah-SOO-kar)
sweeteneradoçante (ah-doh-SAHN-chee)
May I have some _____?Pode me dar _____? (...)
saltsal (sahl)
black pepperpimenta negra (...)
buttermanteiga (mahn-TAY-gah)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Desculpe, empregado? (...) (Note: use "garçom" in Brazil in this case. Empregado sounds a bit disrespectful, for it means literally "employee".)
I'm finishedJá acabei. (zhah ah-kah-BAY)
I'm fullEstou farto/a (is-tow FAR-too/tah)
It was delicious.Estava delicioso. (is-TAH-vah deh-lee-SYOH-zoo)
Please clear the plates.Por favor limpe os pratos.(Pt.)/ Por favor retire os pratos.(Br.) (...)
The check, please.A conta, por favor. (...)

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