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About Getting Directions in Brazilian Language

When exploring in Brazil or any region in which many people communicate in Brazilian, do you know the best way to your holiday destination? Commuting in Brazilian-speaking countries could be thrilling and also amazing. Learn More

Having said that, it’s essential to learn how you can request information in Brazilian and also to really know what you might be explained to. Brazilian Phrases For Direction
Brazilian Language Words

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This Brazilian vocabulary beneath will help you fully grasp directions in Brazilian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Brazilian

How do I get to _____ ?Como vou _____ ? (KOH-moh vow) or Como chego _____ ? (KOH-moh SHAY-goh) Do NOT use the Portuguese word for "get"; use "go" or "arrive."
...the train station?...à estação de comboios(Port.)/trem(Br.)? (AH ish-tah-SOW/ehs-tah-SOWN deh kohm-BOY-ohs/trehm?)
...the bus station?...à estação de autocarros(Port.)/ônibus (ah ish-ta-SOWN duh ow-too-CAR-oosh / dje OH-nee-boos) (Br.) à rodoviária ( AH ho-do-vee-AH-ria) aeroporto? (ow ah-eh-roo-POHR-too)
...downtown?...à baixa(Port.)/ao centro(Br.)? (ah BAIshah / ow SEN-troo)
...the youth hostel?...à pousada de juventude? (Ah poo-ZAH-dah deh zhu-VEN-tud / zhu-ven-TUD-jay (Brazil))
...the _____ hotel?...ao hotel _____? (ow oh-TEL)
...a nightclub/bar?...a uma boate/bar/festa/farra? (...)
...an Internet café?...a um lan house?(Br.) (...)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...ao consulado americano/canadense/australiano/britânico? (...)
Where are there a lot of...Onde há muitos/muitas... (OHND ah MOOY-tosh/tash...)
...hotels?...hotéis? (oh-TEYSH)
...restaurants?...restaurantes? (resh-tau-RAN-t'sh)
...bars?...bares? (barsh)
...sites to see?...sítios(Port.)/lugares(Br.) para visitar? (SEE-tee-osh/loo-GAH-hes pah-rah vee-zee-TAR)
...women?...mulheres? (moo-LYEH-resh)
Can you show me on the map?(Port.) Pode mostrar-me no mapa? (pod mushTRARM noo MAH-pah?)/ (Br.) Pode me mostrar no mapa? (PAW-djee mee mo-STRAR noo MAH-pah?)
streetrua (HOO-ah)
Turn left.Vire à esquerda. (VEER ah esh-KEHR-dah)
Turn right.Vire à direita. (VEER ah dee-RAY-tah / jee-RAY-tah (Rio))
leftesquerdo (esh-KEHR-doo)
rightdireito (dee-RAY-too / jee-RAY-too (Rio))
straight aheadsempre em frente (Sempr' eim frent/ FREN-chee (Brazil))
towards the _____na direcção de _____ (nah dee-reh-SOWN duh / nah jee-reh-SOWN deh (Rio))
past the _____depois de _____ (depoish deh)
before the _____antes de _____ (ant'sh deh)
Watch for the _____.Procure o/a _____. (proh-KOO-reh oo/ah_____* )
intersectioncruzamento (kroo-zah-MEN-too)
northnorte (NOHR-te(Port.) / (NOHR-chee) or nortch (Brazil))
southsul (sool)
eastleste (LESHt or ESHt (Port.) / LESH-chee (Brazil))
westoeste (oh-ESHt (Port.) / oh-EHS-chee (Brazil))
uphillsubida (soo-BEE-dah)
downhilldescida (desh-SEE-dah / deh-SEE-dah (Brazil))

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