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Learn How to Say Numbers in Brazilian Language

Want to know the right way to voice the actual phone numbers in Brazilian? You might want to count up to 12 in Brazilian. We now have provided the two written pronunciations of methods to say the actual numbers in Brazilian language. We’re able to in fact show you the best way to tell you large figures in Brazilian comfortably. Learn More

List of Numbers in Brazilian Language

We have now all of the the Brazilian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, underneath that you may need to find out. More …

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In order to make counting the particular numbers in Brazilian easier for you, we have split up the numbers in to smaller areas. Every one of these webpages have a quick video tutorial you can enjoy to determine the most suitable pronunciation.
Note: Spanish speakers need to practice pronunciation of Portuguese numbers to be understood, even though they are quite similar in written form. Give particular attention to dropped middle
syllables in numbers 7,9,10, and those ending in e for Luso and te for Brazil. Also, don't confuse cento for "cents" or "centavos," as it refers to "hundreds."
1um(m) uma(f) (oong / OO-mah)
2dois(m)/duas(f) (doysh / DOO-ash)
3três (trehsh)
4quatro (KWAH-troh)
5cinco (SING-koo)
6seis/meia (seysh/may-ah) In Brazil, use meia in a numerical series (e.g. phone numbers, postal codes, etc.) to prevent confusion with "três". "Meia" is short for "meia-dúzia" (half-a-dozen).
7sete (SEH-tchee)
8oito (OY-too)
9nove (NOH-vee)
10dez (dezh)
11onze (ONG-zeh)
12doze DOH-zeh
13treze TRE-zeh
14catorze kah-TOH-zeh
15quinze KEENG-zee
16dezesseis (deh-zee-SEYSH)
17dezessete (deh-zee-SEH-tchee )
18dezoito (deh-ZOY-too)
19dezenove (Brazil) (dee-zee-NOH-vee)
20vinte (veengt (Port.)/ VEEN-chee (Brazil))
21vinte e um/uma (veengt (Port.)/ VEEN-chee (Brazil) ee oong/OO-mah)
22vinte e dois/duas (veengt (Port.)/ VEEN-chee (Brazil) ee doysh/DOO-ash)
23vinte e três (veengt (Port.)/ VEEN-chee (Brazil) ee trezh)
30trinta (TREEN-tah)
40quarenta (kwah-REN-tah)
50cinquenta (Port.) (sing-KWEN-tah)
cinqüenta (Brazil) (sing-KWEN-tah)
60sessenta (seh-SEN-tah)
70setenta (seh-TEN-tah)
80oitenta (oy-TEN-tah)
90noventa (no-VEN-tah)
100cem (seng)
101cento e um/a (SENG-too ee oong/OO-mah)
102cento e dois/duas (SEHN-too ee doysh/DOO-ahs)
103cento e três (SEHN-too ee trehsh)
110cento e dez (SEHN-too ee dehsh)
125cento e vinte e cinco (SEHN-too ee VEEN-teh ee SEEN-koo)
200duzentos/as (doo-ZEHN-toosh/ash)
300trezentos/as (tre-ZEHN-toosh/ash)
400quatrocentos/as (kwah-troo-SEHN-toosh)
500quinhentos/as (keen-YENG-toosh)
600seiscentos/as (saysh-SEHN-toosh)
700setecentos/as (set-SEHN-toosh (Port.)/ seh-tchee-SEN-toosh (Br.))
800oitocentos/as (oy-too-SEHN-toosh)
900novecentos/as (nov-SEHN-toosh (Port.)/ no-vee-SEHN-toosh (Br.))
1000mil (meel)
2000dois mil (doysh meel)
1,000,000milhão (meel-YOWNG)
1,000,000,000milhar de milhão (lit. a thousand millions; not bilião, bilhão)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)número _____ (NU-may-ro)
halfmetade (me-TAHD (Port.)/ me-TAHD-day (Brazil)/ me-TAHD-jay (Rio))
lessmenos (MEH-noosh)
moremais (mighsh)

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