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Brazilian is truly a Gorgeous language. It originated in Brazil however , spoken in several nations around the globe. Areas and cities that speak Brazilian consists of Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Brazilian colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Brazilian Guiana in South America; Tahiti and various other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Brazilian is almost certainly implemented as the language of global diplomacy and conversation, even though replaced usually by English since World War II, it stays culturally necessary, needed by etiquette, for competent individuals around the world to receive some degree of basic Brazilian ability.

Learn to Speak Brazilian Language Phrases

Do you need to learn how to articulate in Brazilian language, when just beginning? Or perhaps ought to recall the Brazilian key phrases you had discovered long time ago? From touring around on trains and buses to buying lunch in a new nearby bistro in Brazil as well as just about any place where they communicate in the Brazilian Language, understand significant Brazilian words listed here to make your holiday better.

Brazilian Language Words

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Good DayBom dia. (bon DEE-ah / JEE-ah (Rio)).
Hello. (informal)Olá. (O-lah)
Hi. (informal)Oi (oi)
Thank you. (said by a man)Obrigado. (ob-ree-GAH-doo)
Thank you. (said by a woman)Obrigada. (ob-ree-GAH-dah)
How are you?Como está? Formal / KOH-moh ish-TAH? also: Como vai você? (KOH-moh vahy voh-SAY?)
How are you?Tudo bem? (TOO-do BENG?) or Tudo bom? (bon) Very common in Brazil.
Fine, thank you.Bem, obrigado/a (BENG, ob-ree-GAH-doo/dah) Also, you can informally say "Tudo bem/bon."
What is your name? (Literal)Qual é o seu nome? (kwahl eh oh SAY-oo NOH-mee?).
My name is ______ .Meu nome é ______ .(MAY-oo NOH-mee eh _____ .)
Nice to meet you.Muito prazer [em conhecê-lo]. (MOOY-to prah-ZEHR eng koh-nye-SEH-lo).
Please (Lit. "As a favor")Por favor.(pohr fah-VOHR)
You're welcome (Lit. "For nothing")De nada. (je NAH-dah)
Yes.Sim. (SIN(G))
No.Não. (NAWN(G))
Contractions are common in Portuguese. Não falo inglês no Brasil. I don't speak English in Brazil.Remember the Portuguese "no" doesn't mean a negation as in English -- but rather "in the" as a contraction of em + o.
No (not any) + nounNenhum(a) (neh-NYOONG(-ah))
Excuse me. (getting attention)Com licença (kong lee-SEN-sa)
Excuse me. (begging pardon)[Me] desculpe. (mee jees-KUW-pah)
I'm sorry.Desculpa. deesh-KUL-pah
I'm sorry. (Lit. "pardon")Perdão.(pehr-DAWNG)
Goodbye (formal or permanent)Adeus. (uh-DEOOSH)
Goodbye (informal)Tchau. (CHOW)
See you laterAté logo. (ah-TEH LOH-goh)
Be careful in other context, as logo literally means "soon"I can't speak Portuguese [well].
Do you speak English?Fala inglês? (fah-la in-GLAYS?)
Help!Socorro! (soo-KOH-hoo!)
Good afternoon (also early evening)Boa tarde.(boh-AH TAR-dee) / TAR-jay (Rio))
Good evening (also nightime)Boa noite. (bo-AH NOI-chee)
I don't understand.Não compreendo/entendo. (NOWNG kom-pree-EN-doo/en-TEN-doo)
Where is the toilet?Onde é o banheiro? (OND-de / OND-jee (Rio) eh o bahn-YAIR-row?)

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