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Common Signs in Bulgarian Language

Thinking to travel to a Bulgarian speaking area? Have you considered if you are going to have enough knowledge to understand the street signs in Bulgarian or even the popular signs inside an airport of your vacation location? Learn More

Much of our well-known signs in Bulgarian displays widely used signs in public areas and general streets signs in Bulgaria. It is essential to get familiar with these types of signs prior to visiting a Bulgarian speaking country, as it can certainly enable you when driving or walking, aid you in a serious event situation, or perhaps help make your life a lot easier when ever staying in Bulgaria and also other place where they talk the Bulgarian language. More Info
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List of Common Signs in Bulgarian Language

OPENОТВОРЕНО (oht-VOH-reh-noh) [כt´vכrenכ]
CLOSEDЗАТВОРЕНО (zaht-VOH-reh-noh) [zat´vכrenכ]
ENTRANCEВХОД (vkhohd) [´vhכd]
EXITИЗХОД (EEZ-khohd) [´izhכd]
PUSHБУТНИ (boot-NEE) [but´ni]
PULLДРЪПНИ (drup-NEE) [drəp´ni]
TOILETТОАЛЕТНА (toh-ah-LEHT-nuh) [tכa´letna]
MENМЪЖЕ (muh-ZHEH) [mə´ζe]
WOMENЖЕНИ (zheh-NEE) [ζe´ni]
FORBIDDENЗАБРАНЕНО (zah-brah-NEH-noh) [zabra´nenכ]

Select the hyperlinks below to view a number of helpful Bulgarian holiday keyword phrases which you’ll find arranged by theme. For every holiday phrase in Bulgarian, there’ll be the actual English translation.

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