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About Bulgarian Consonants Chart

Want to know what are the consonants in Bulgarian language? In articulatory phonetics, a Bulgarian consonant is a speech sound that’s articulated having full or simply partial closure of the vocal tract. The word consonant is additionally employed to talk about a letter of a Bulgarian alphabet which implies a consonant sound. Learn More

Bulgarian Consonants Chart

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Bulgarian Consonants in Alphabet

Voiced consonants at the end of a word are pronounced as voiceless.
like in boy or rubbish, on the end of a word pronounced "p"б bə
like in ever or vineyard, on the end of a word pronounced "f"в və
like in gull or legacy, on the end of a word pronounced "k"г gə
like in deal or madness, on the end of a word pronounced "t"д də
like in pleasure or conclusion, on the end of a word pronounced "sh"ж zhə
like in zoo or freezing, on the end of a word pronounced "s"з zə
like in kite or rockк kə
like in leak or look. Becoming (younger generations in some areas) closer to weak "w" as in saw (cf. Polish ł).л lə
like in mine or hamм mə
like in note or monkeyн nə
like in pork or complyп pə
slightly to moderately rolled "r" as in Spanish, etc. Like in Spanish pero or otroр rə
like in spit or castс sə
like in time or lightning [ at times becoming palatal with 'ти' and 'тя' ]т tə
like in feed or leftф fə
like in hotel or coherent [ usually aspirated similar to 'ck' in "lick"]х hə
like in tsunamiц tsə
like in cheap or kitchenч chə
like in sheep or mishapш shə
Sht, as in German "Still" or "Stettin" NOT shch like in Russian.щ shtə
not a sound itself, denotes softening (palatization) of preceding consonant; unlike Russian and other Slavic languages, this is very rarely used and the softening is less dramatic in Bulgarian than in other Slavic languages;ь [']
like in join or edge. Mainly used for foreign loan words.дж dzhə

Bulgarian Diphthongs in Alphabet

In the middle or end of words, they are я-ia, йе-ie, йо/ьo-io and ю-iuNOTE
like in yacht or German Ja (when stressed); Sounds like 'yuh' when unstressed.я yah
like in yes or yellowйе yeh
like in yogurt or coyote. The latter is usually stressedйо/ьo yoh
like in you or cuteю yoo
Note that 'ю' and 'я' denote diphthongs [yoo] and [yah] after a vowel and at the beginning of a word, and tend to be pronounced 'ia' or 'io' in the middle or end of the word.
The soft sign will not be included here as it is very rarely used since 1945.

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