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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Bulgarian Language

Go away!Махай се! (makhay se!). Remember the 'kh' in Bulgarian is not rough, more like English 'ck' in 'brick'.
Don't touch me!Не ме пипай! (ne me pipay)
I'll call the police.Ще извикам полиция. (shte izvikam politsia)
Police!Полиция! (politsia!)
Stop! Thief!Спри! Крадец! (spri kradets!)
I need your help.Имам нужда от помощ. (imam nuzhda ot pomosh)
It's an emergency!Спешен случай! (speshen sluchay!)
I'm lost.Загубих се. (zagubikh se)
I lost my bag.Изгубих си чантата. (izgubikh si chantata)
I lost my wallet.Изгубих си портфейла. (izgubikh si portfeyla)
I'm sick.Аз съм болен/болна. (az some bolen/ bolna) [male/female speaker]
I've been injured. [bleeding or other externally visible]Ранен/а съм. (ranen/ a some) [male/female]
I've been injured. [broken bone or less visible, internal]Контузен/а съм (kotuzen/ a some) [male/female]
I need a doctor.Имам нужда от лекар. (imam nuzhda ot lekar)
Can I use your phone, please?Извинете, мога ли да ползвам телефона ви? (izvinete, moga li da polzvam telefona vi?/). alternate: Мога ли да ползвам вaшия телефон? (Moga li da polzvam vashiya telefon?).
There are longer 'formal' versions of the numbers after 10, but they are not normally used in spoken Bulgarian, even on television or by highly educated people such as university professors and literary people.
Interestingly, 'thousand' is imported from Greek 'hilyades', not the Slavic 'tisushta' (Russian tysyacha).

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