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Pronunciation in Bulgarian is definitely the way a Bulgarian word or simply a Bulgarian language is actually expressed, or the manner in which a person uttters a single expression. If one is thought to have the”correct Bulgarian pronunciation”, then it means both of these within a particular Bulgarian language. Learn More

The Bulgarian word is often spoken in a different way by a number of persons or groups which depends on various reasons, for instance: the period of the cultural exposure during their first few years, where the someone lives, their unique ethnic family, his or her social status, or ones own academic achievements. Learn the rules
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When it comes to Bulgarian, the very same letter present in two diverse words might make two different sounds. Many letters in Bulgarian language are not pronounced at all. Usually, it is possible to sound out words. Hence, many experienced non native Bulgarian speakers (and occasionally some native speakers) often mispronounce Bulgarian words.

Similar to English, Bulgarian pronunciation can be quite challenging, as a result of intricacies such as silent letters, various sounds for a individual letter, and unlimited conditions to whatever rules you see in all the Bulgarian pronunciation. This website has several web pages that will describes the Bulgarian pronunciation guidelines and exclusions in fine detail. This is great when it comes to advanced students, however can be hugely difficult for beginners of Bulgarian language. We try to ease Bulgarian pronunciation rules to make it simpler for one to get started in Bulgarian, even though you may not know how each individual Bulgarian letter combination is normally said in most circumstance. We know that at some point, you will need to review far more in-depth Bulgarian courses on Bulgarian pronunciation rules.

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Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, and the language is famous for introducing this writing system which Russian, the other East Slavic languages and Serbo-Croatian (and other non-Slavic languages as well) would adopt later, the latter with considerable differences. The language is usually phonetic though there are few sounds denoted by digraphs and few combinations denoted by a single letter.
Stress is generally unpredictable. Fortunately, most Bulgarian dictionaries and language-books put the accent on the stressed syllable.
Stress in Bulgarian is irregular, just like Russian. The stress can fall anywhere within a word, and all vowels suffer 'vowel reduction'. The best way to learn new words,
is to learn them word for word, memorizing the position of the stress. Fortunately, in every dictionary or learning material, the stress is always indicated.
In stark contrast to all other Slavic languages, Bulgarian has practically lost the case system, which is arguably the most challenging aspect of the language family. Instead, there are three noun inflections

Select the links directly below to see a number of practical Bulgarian travel words which are structured by category. For each holiday phrase in Bulgarian, you will find the English translation.

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