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A complex speech sound or glide which usually starts with one particular Bulgarian vowel and gradually transforms to a new Bulgarian vowel while in the exact syllable, as (oi) in boil or (i) in fine. A diphthong when it comes to Bulgarian language (virtually implies “two sounds” or “two tones”), typically known as a gliding vowel. Bulgarian diphthong is regarded as two adjacent vowel sounds occurring within the exact syllable.
Theoretically, a Bulgarian diphthong is really a vowel with two completely different targets – that is, your tongue moves in the course of the pronunciation within the vowel. Learn More

Diphthongs found in Bulgarian language contrast with monophthongs, while the tongue would not rotate and simply one single vowel sound is usually noticed in a syllable. Where ever two adjacent vowel sounds come up in different syllables-for example, in the English word re-elect the result is called break, and not as a diphthong.
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Diphthongs in Bulgarian Language typically form the moment individual Bulgarian vowels are usually operated jointly in quick speech during the dialogue when it comes to Bulgarian Language.

Bulgarian Diphthongs

In the middle or end of words, they are я-ia, йе-ie, йо/ьo-io and ю-iuNOTE
like in yacht or German Ja (when stressed); Sounds like 'yuh' when unstressed.я yah
like in yes or yellowйе yeh
like in yogurt or coyote. The latter is usually stressedйо/ьo yoh
like in you or cuteю yoo
Note that 'ю' and 'я' denote diphthongs [yoo] and [yah] after a vowel and at the beginning of a word, and tend to be pronounced 'ia' or 'io' in the middle or end of the word.
The soft sign will not be included here as it is very rarely used since 1945.

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