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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Bulgarian Language

Want to find out how you can voice the contact numbers in Bulgarian? You might like to count up to Twelve in Bulgarian. You’ll find provided each written pronunciations of methods to state the figures in Bulgarian language. We’re able to even explain to you how to say great figures in Bulgarian quickly. Learn More

List of Numbers in Bulgarian Language

We’ve got all the Bulgarian numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you will need to study. More …

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In order to make counting the numbers found in Bulgarian simpler, we have now broken down the numbers in to smaller sections. Every one of these web pages have a brief video recording you can enjoy to find out the best pronunciation.
The 'people' versions of numbers are used for instance in a restaurant. How many people? Three. Колко души ще бъде? Трима. (KOHL-koh DOO-shee shteh BUH-de? TREE-mah)
0нула (NOO-lah)
1един (eh-DEEN) [m.] една/едно [fem./neut.] (ehd-NAH/ehd-NOH)
2два (dvah) [m.] две (dveh) [fem. & neut.]. Referring to people: двама (DVAH-mah)
3три (“tree”) (but remember to roll the "r"!) [m./f./n. all same]. Referring to people: трима (TREE-mah)
4четири (CHEH-tee-ree) Referring to people: четирима (cheh-TEE-ree-mah)
5пет (peht)
6шест (shehs)
7седем (SEH-dehm)
8осем (OH-sehm)
9девет (DEH-veht)
10десет (DEH-seht)
11единайсет (formal 'единадесет') (eh-dee-NIGH-seht)
12дванайсет (formal 'дванадесет') (dvah-NIGH-seht or dvah-NIGH-seh)
13тринайсет (etc.) (tree-NIGH-seh(t)) etc.
14четиринайсет (che-tee-ree-NIGH-seh)
15петнайсет (peht-NIGH-seh)
16шестнайсет (shehs-NIGH-seht)
17седемнадесет (seh-dehm-NAH-deh-seht)
18осемнадесет (oh-sehm-NAH-deh-seht)
19деветнадесет (deh-veht-NAH-deh-seht)
20двайсет (DVIGH-seht)
21двайсет и едно (DVIGH-s(eh) ee ehd-NOH)
22двайсет и два (DVIGHS ee DVAH)
23двайсет и три (DVIGHS ee TREE)
30трийсет (TREE-seh(t))
40четирийсет (cheh-TEE-ree-seh)
50петдесет (peh-deh-SEH(Y))
60шестдесет (shehss-SEH(Y))
70седемдесет (seh-dehm-deh-SEH(Y))
80осемдесет (oh-sehm-deh-SEH(Y))
90деветдесет (deh-veh-deh-SEH(Y))
100сто (stoh)
157сто петдесет и седем (STOH PEH-deh-seh i SEH-dehm)
200двеста (DVEH-stah)
231двеста трийсет и едно (DVEH-stah TREEY-seh i ehd-NOH)
300триста (TREE-stah)
400четиристотин (CHEH-tee-ree STOH-teen)
500петстотин (PEHT-stoh-tin)
600шестстотин (SHEST-stoh-tin)
700седемстотин (SEH-dehm-stoh-tin)
800осемстотин (OH-sehm-stoh-tin)
900деветстотин (DEH-veht-stoh-tin)
1000хиляда (heel-YAH-dah)
2000две хиляди (DVEH HEEL-yah-dee)
1,000,000един милион (eh-DEEN mee-lee-OHN)
1,000,000,000един милиард (eh-DEEN mee-lee-AHRD) [one billion (USA)]
1,000,000,000,000един билион (eh-DEEN bee-lee-OHN) [one trillion (USA)]

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