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About the Colours in Egyptian

If you find yourself thinking to take a shopping spree in Egypt or a Egyptian speaking region, make sure you master the colours in Egyptian language. Names of colours in Egyptian will come in pretty handy while you are looking for additional choices in many items you’re contemplating to order. Learn More

Starting from this online page, you’re able to quickly learn how to reveal the names a variety of colours in Egyptian. We believe by reading through and understanding the Egyptian colour chart below, it will be straightforward to tell most of typically the primary colours in Egyptian.
Egyptian Language Words

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Egyptian Colours List

alwān ألوان
whiteàbyàd أبيض
blackeswed إسود
redàhmàr أحمر
greenàxdàr أخضر
blueazra’ أزرق
yellowàsfàr أصفر
orangeborto’âni برتقاني
pinkbambi بمبي
purplebanafsegi بنفسجي

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