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How do we say the Days of the week in Egyptian language

If you find yourself venturing in Egypt and a person asks you in Egyptian “what day is it today?” you need to know how to advise the days of the full week in Egyptian simply. What if somebody asks “when am I going to meet you again?” You’ll want to write the time in Egyptian maybe. Take advantage of our day sentences in Egyptian beneath to understand the week days in Egyptian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Egyptian

el ’ayyām الأيام
Mondayyōm el-etnēn يوم الإتنين
Tuesdayyōm el-talāt يوم التلات
Wednesdayyōm el-’arba` يوم الأربع
Thursdayyōm el-xamīs يوم الخميس
Fridayyōm el-gom`a يوم الجمعة
Saturdayyōm es-sabt يوم السبت
Sundayyōm el-hadd يوم الحد

Months in Egyptian Language

eš-šohūr الشهور
Januaryyanāyer يناير
Februaryfebrâyer فبراير
Marchmāres مارس
Aprilebrīl ابريل
Maymāyu مايو
Juneyonya يونيه
Julyyolya يوليه
Augustağostos اغسطس
Septembersebtamber سبتمبر
Octoberoktōbàr اُكتوبر
Novembernofamber نوفمبر
Decemberdesamber ديسمبر

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