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In case you are in Egypt or perhaps a Egyptian speaking nation, ever wondered how to tell the actual time in Egyptian? Telling the time in Egyptian depends upon understanding the Egyptian numbers and a few guidelines regarding the hours, minutes and seconds in Egyptian. Learn More

In this particular webpage, you’ll find out quite easily how one can tell the time in Egyptian using the following words and phrases for:
Egyptian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Egyptian Language

wa’t وقت
nowdelwa’ti دلوقتي
laterba`dēn بعدين
before’abl قبل
afterba`d بعد
morningsobh صبح
in the morning’es-sobh الصبح
afternoonba`de ’ed-dohr بعد الضهر
in the afternoon’ed-dohr الضهر
eveningmesa مسا or masā’ مساء
in the evening`al mesa ع المسا
nightlēla ليلة
in the nightbel-lēl بلليل

Want to find out how to say 6 o-clock in Egyptian? Take advantage of the key phrases directly below to help you tell the present time on the clock in Egyptian.
wa’t el sā`a وقت الساعة
what time is it?’es-sā`a kām? الساعة كام؟
it is ___’es-sā`a ___ الساعة...‏
it is 3 o'clock’es-sā`a talāta (bezzàbt) الساعة تلاتة (بالظبط)‏
quarter pastwe rob` و ربع
quarter to’ella rob` إلا ربع
half pastwe noss و نص
it is half past 3’es-sā`a talāta w-noss الساعة تلاتة و نص

Utilize the standard Egyptian phrases to understand the time duration like a Year, Week and a Month in Egyptian language.
el modda المدة

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