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About Months in Egyptian Language

Realizing how to determine the months in Egyptian may be very helpful and normally be treated as elementary Egyptian dialect. We have displayed the months in Egyptian language beneath that will help you articulate the months in Egyptian. Learn More

List of the Months in Egyptian

Egyptian Language Words

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eš-šohūr الشهور
Januaryyanāyer يناير
Februaryfebrâyer فبراير
Marchmāres مارس
Aprilebrīl ابريل
Maymāyu مايو
Juneyonya يونيه
Julyyolya يوليه
Augustağostos اغسطس
Septembersebtamber سبتمبر
Octoberoktōbàr اُكتوبر
Novembernofamber نوفمبر
Decemberdesamber ديسمبر

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