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About Common Egyptian Phrases in English For Travellers

Egyptian is definitely a Very romantic language. This originated in Egypt although spoken in lots of cities internationally. Places and countries that speak Egyptian is composed of Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Egyptian colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Egyptian Guiana in South America; Tahiti and numerous other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Egyptian is almost certainly employed as the language of foreign diplomacy and conversation, and although substituted usually by English since World War II, it remains culturally necessary, desired by etiquette, for educated people globally to have some sort of level of basic Egyptian skill.

Learn to Speak Egyptian Language Phrases

Would you like to understand how to communicate in Egyptian language, when getting started? Or perhaps really need to recall the Egyptian keyword phrases you had learnt long time ago? From touring around on trains and buses to buying a meal in a fabulous local cafe in Egypt or any country where they communicate in the Egyptian Language, understand necessary Egyptian words right here to make your tour better.

Egyptian Language Words

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’asaseyyāt أساسيات
Many Arabic expressions are different for men and women, depending both on the gender of the person talking (you) and the person being addressed.
Hello’es-salāmu-`alēku السلام عليكو
Hello (informal)’ahlan أهلاً
Good morning.sàbâh el-xēr صباح الخير
Good evening.masā’ el-xēr مساء الخير
Good night (to sleep)tesbàh `ala xēr تصبح على خير (to a male) / tesbàhi `ala xēr تصبحي على خير (to a female) / tesbàhu `ala xēr تصبحو على خير (to a group)
How are you?’ezzayyak? إزيك (to a male) / ’ezzayyek? إزيك (to a female) / ’ezzayyoku? إزيكو (to a group) / ’ezzāy hàdretàk? إزي حدرتك (to an elder; hàdretek: female)
Fine, thank you.kowayyes šokràn كويس شكرا (male) / kowayyesa šokràn كويسة شكرا (female) / kowayyesīn šokràn كويسين شكراً (group)
A far more common response to the question "how are you" is simply to thank God - el-hamde lellah الحمد لله
What is your name?’esmak ’ēh? إسمك ايه؟ (to a male) / ’esmek ’ēh? إسمك ايه؟ (to a female)
My name is ______ .’esmi ______ إسمي
Please.men fàdlàk من فضلك (to a male) / men fàdlek من فضلك (to a female) / men fàdloku من فضلكو (to a group)
Thank you.šokràn شكراً
You're welcome.el `afw العفو
Yes.’aywa أيوا
No.la’ لأ
Excuse me. (getting attention)law samaht لو سمحت (to a male) / law samahti لو سمحتي (to a female) / law samahtu لو سمحتو (to a group)
Excuse me. (avoiding offence)ba`de ’eznak بعد إذنك (to a male) / ba`de ’eznek بعد إذنك (to a female) / ba`de ’eznoku بعد إذنكو (to a group)
Excuse me. (begging pardon)la mu’axza لا مؤاخذة
I'm sorry’ana ’āsef أنا آسف (male) / ’ana ’asfa أنا آسفة (female)
Goodbyema`as-salāma مع السلامة
Goodbye (informal)salām سلام
I can't speak Arabic well.mabatkallemš `arabi kwayyes ما بتكلمش عربي كويس
Do you speak English?betetkallem ’engelīzi? بتتكلم إنجليزي؟ (male) / betetkallemi ’engelīzi? بتتكلمي إنجليزي؟ (female)
Is there someone here who speaks English?fī hadde hena beyetkallem ’engelīzi? فيه حد هنا بيتكلم إنجليزي؟
Help!’elha’ūni! إلحقوني
Look out!hāseb حاسب (to a male) / hasbi حاسبي (to a female)
I don't understand.’ana meš fāhem أنا مش فاهم (male) / ’ana meš fahma أنا مش فاهمة (female)
Where is the toilet?fēn ’el-hammām? فين الحمام؟

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