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Learn How to Say Numbers in Egyptian Language

Wish to know how you can repeat the actual phone numbers in Egyptian? You might need to count up to 12 in Egyptian. We certainly have listed each written pronunciations of how to talk about the figures in Egyptian language. We are able to perhaps provide you with how you can say great numbers in Egyptian comfortably. Learn More

List of Numbers in Egyptian Language

We have now all of the the Egyptian numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will have to read. More …

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In order to make counting the particular numbers when it comes to Egyptian simpler for you, we certainly have split up the numbers in to smaller-sized portions. Every one of these internet pages include a brief video tutorial you can enjoy to master the correct pronunciation.
It is not uncommon to see what is formally called "Eastern Arabic Numerals", in Arabic known as "Indian numbers" (أرقام هندية arqām hendeyyah). Be careful in that zero is represented as a dot (٠) while five (٥)
looks like the zero with which we're familiar. Furthermore, numbers are read left-to-right and not right-to-left as is text.
`àrqâm أرقام
0 (٠)sefr صفر
1 (١)wāhed واحد
2 (٢)’etnēn إتنين
3 (٣)talāta تلاتة
4 (٤)’àrbà`à أربعة
5 (٥)xamsa خمسة
6 (٦)setta ستة
7 (٧)sab`a سبعة
8 (٨)tamanya تمانية
9 (٩)tes`a تسعة
10 (١٠)`àšrà عشرة
11 (١١)hedâšàr حداشر
12 (١٢)’etnâšàr إتناشر
13 (١٣)tàlàttâšàr تلاتاشر
14 (١٤)’àrbà`tâšàr أربعتاشر
15 (١٥)xàmàstâšàr خمستاشر
16 (١٦)settâšàr ستاشر
17 (١٧)sàbà`tâšàr سبعتاشر
18 (١٨)tàmàntâšàr تمنتاشر
19 (١٩)tesà`tâšàr تسعتاشر
20 (٢٠)`ešrīn عشرين
21 (٢١)wāhed we-`ešrīn واحد و عشرين
22 (٢٢)’etnēn we-`ešrīn إتنين و عشرين
23 (٢٣)talāta we-`ešrīn تلاتة و عشرين
30 (٣٠)talatīn تلاتين
40 (٤٠)’arbe`īn أربعين
50 (٥٠)xamsīn خمسين
60 (٦٠)settīn ستين
70 (٧٠)sab`īn سبعين
80 (٨٠)tamanīn تمانين
90 (٩٠)tes`īn تسعين
100 (١٠٠)meyya مية
200 (٢٠٠)metēn متين
300 (٣٠٠)toltomeyya تلتمية
400 (٤٠٠)rob`omeyya ربعميه
500 (٥٠٠)xomsomeyya خمسميه
600 (٦٠٠)sottomeyya ستميه
700 (٧٠٠)sob`omeyya سبعميه
800 (٨٠٠)tomnomeyya تمنميه
900 (9٠٠)tos`omeyya تسعميه
1000 (١٬٠٠٠ )’alf ألف
2000 (٢٬٠٠٠)’alfēn ألفين
3000 (٣٬٠٠٠)talattalāf تلاتلاف
4000 (٤٬٠٠٠)àrbà`talāf أربعتلاف
5000 (٥٬٠٠٠)xamastalāf خمستلاف
6000 (٦٬٠٠٠)settalāf ستلاف
7000 (٧٬٠٠٠)saba`talāf سبعتلاف
8000 (٨٬٠٠٠)tamantalāf تمنتلاف
9000 (٩٬٠٠٠)tesa`talāf تسعتلاف
10,000 (١٠٬٠٠٠)`àšàrtalāf عشرتلاف
11,000 (١١٬٠٠٠)hedâšàr ’alf حداشر ألف
100,000 (١٠٠٬٠٠٠)mīt ’alf ميت ألف
200,000 (٢٠٠٬٠٠٠)metēn ’alf ميتين ألف
1,000,000 (١٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠)melyōn مليون
1,000,000,000 (١٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠)melyâr مليار / belyōn بليون
numbernemra نمرة / ràqàm رقم
halfnoss نص
less’a’all أقل
more’àktàr أكتر

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