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Egyptian Vowels: Learn How to Pronounce Them Easily

Egyptian vowels present in Egyptian Alphabet is often a sound that’s pronounced by using your mouth (in the case of nasal vowels, the use of your nose) without having any blockage of the lip area, tongue, or throat.There is certainly a number of typical rules to take into account whenever pronouncing Egyptian vowels. Learn More

The articulatory attributes which identify various Egyptian vowel sounds are usually said to determine the vowel’s good quality when it comes to Egyptian Language. In the well developed vowel technique like Egyptian vowel system, you’ll discover typical elements – height (vertical dimension), blackness (horizontal dimension) and roundedness (lip placement). Learn The Egyptian Vowels
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There are actually nevertheless yet additional probable attributes of Egyptian vowel high quality, much like the velum position (nasality), kind of vocal fold vibration (phonation), along with tongue root position.

List of Egyptian Vowels in Egyptian Alphabet

Egyptian Vowels in Alphabet

Egyptian Arabic has more vowels than the three of Classical Arabic, and it differentiates between short and long vowels. Long vowels are shown in this phrasebook with a macron above the vowel.
The stress falls on the long vowels and/or the next-to-last syllable. Stress isn't shown in words without a long vowel for simplification. Words can't have
more than one long vowel and long vowels can't occur before two consonants.
Arabic Vowel-letters:Main Egyptian vowels
’alef; ا:[æ, ɑ] ("a" as in cat or father)
wâw; و:[o, u]
ye; ي:[e, i]
They may act as semi-vowels:
wâw; و:[w]
ye; ي:[j] ("y" as in the English word yes)
alike ā but shorter. (IPA: [æ])
āas in "hand" (long). (IPA: [æː])
àlike â but shorter. (IPA: [ɑ])
âas in "bar". (IPA: [ɑː])
osimilar to "more" (short). (IPA: [o])
ōsimilar to "more" (long). (IPA: [oː])
ūas in "shoe" (long). (IPA: [uː])
esimilar to "bet" (short). (IPA: [e])
ēsimilar to "bet" (long). (IPA: [eː])
īas in "sheet" (long). (IPA: [iː])

Egyptian Semi Vowels in Alphabet

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