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About Getting Directions in Georgian Language

While visiting in Georgia or any region where many people talk in Georgian, are you aware of the best way to your holiday location? Exploring in Georgian-speaking countries can be fascinating as well as amazing. Learn More

However, it is good to find out easy methods to request directions in Georgian as well as really know what you are told. Georgian Phrases For Direction
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This Georgian vocab beneath will help you have an understanding of instructions in Georgian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Georgian

Northჩრდილოეთი (chrdeel-oh-eh-tee)
Southსამხრეთი (sahm-khreh-tee)
Eastაღმოსავლეთი (ahgh-moh-sahv-leh-tee)
Westდასავლეთი (dah-sahv-leh-tee)
After/pastშემდეგ (shehm-dehg), მერე (meh-reh)
Behindუკან (oo-k'ahn)
Before/in front ofწინ (t'seen)
Betweenშუა (shoo-ah), შორის (shoh-rees)
Nearახლოს (ahkh-lohs)
Straight aheadპირდაპირ (p'eer-dah-p'eer)
Leftმარცხნივ (mahrts-khneev)
Rightმარჯვნივ (mahrj-vneev)
Where?სად (sahd)
Is it far?შორს არის? (shohrs ah-rees?)
How do I get to ____
...the train station?
...the bus station?
...the airport?ho
...a youth hostel?
...the ____ hotel?
Where is ___
...the airport?სად არის აეროპორტი? (sahd-aris aerop'ort'i?)
Where are there a lot of...სადაც ბევრი... (sahd-ahts behv-ree...)
...hotels?...სასტუმროები (sahs-t'oom-roh-eh-bee)
...restaurants?...რესტორანები? (rehs-t'oh-rah-neh-bee)
...bars?...ბარები (bah-reh-bee)
...sites to see?
Can you please show me on the map?
streetქუჩა (koo-chah)
Turn left.შეუხვიე მარცხნივ (sheh-ookh-vee-eh mahrts-khneev)
Turn right.შეუხვიე მარჯვნივ (sheh-ookh-vee-eh mahrj-vneev)
leftმარცხნივ (mahrts-khneev)
rightმარჯვნივ (mahrj-vneev)
straight ahead
towards the ____
past the ____
before the ____
Watch for the ____

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