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About Ordering Food in Georgian

Hungry? How to start purchasing food in Georgian? These include a lot of the queries you’ll have whenever venturing in a Georgian speaking country. Learn More

Regardless if you are going to reside in a Georgian speaking country or intending on a short visit there, discovering how to get food in Georgian is essential. Dining out at Georgian restaurants and cafes generally is a lot of fun, particularly if you know some rudimentary Georgian restaurant vocabulary. More …
Georgian Language Words

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We have detailed several basic meal related key phrases in Georgian, underneath, with the hope they may help you while you are placing your order food items in Georgian.

Speaking Georgian When Eating Out

Just click here to read the Georgian meals key phrases easily that can be used for purchasing dinner in Georgian eating places and coffee shops.

A very useful and simple construction for asking for anything is simply:
_____ please._____ თუ შეიძლება (____ too sheh-eedz-leh-bah)
Without saltუმარილო (oo-mah-ree-loh)
Without meatუხორცო (oo-khohr-tsoh)
I'm a vegetarian.ვეგეტარიანელი ვარ (veh-geh-t'ah-ree-ah-neh-lee vahr)
I want ____მე ____ მინდა (meh ____ meen-dah)
chickenქათმის ხორცი (kaht-mees khohr-tsee)
beefძრო­ხის ხორ­ცი (dzroh-khees khohr-tsee)
fishთევზი (tehv-zee)
porkღორის ხორცი (ghoh-rees khohr-tsee)
cheeseყველი (q'veh-lee)
eggsკვერცხი (k'vehr-tskhee)
saladსალათა (sah-lah-tah)
vegetablesბოსტნეული (bohst'-neh-oo-lee)
fruitხილი (khee-lee)
breadპური (p'oo-ree)
beansლობიო (loh-bee-oh)
coffeeყავა (q'ah-vah)
Turkish coffeeთურქული ყავა (toork-oo-lee q'ah-vah)
tea (drink)ჩაი (chah-ee)
juiceწვენი (ts'veh-nee)
waterწყალი (ts'q'ah-lee)
beerლუ­დი (loo-dee)
red/white wineწითელი/თეთრი ღვინო (ts'ee-teh-lee/teh-tree ghvee-noh)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)უკაცრავად (oo-k'ahts-rah-vahd), ოფიციანტი (oh-pee-tsee-ahn-t'ee)
It was delicious.ძალიან გემრიელი იყო. (dzah-lee-ahn gehm-ree-eh-lee ee-q'oh)
The check, please.ანგარიში, თუ შეიძლება (ahn-gah-ree-shee, too sheh-eedz-leh-bah)

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