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If you are in Georgia or perhaps a Georgian speaking country, have you ever wondered how you can tell the time in Georgian? Telling the actual time in Georgian is dependant on understanding the Georgian numbers as well as some principles concerning the hours, minutes and seconds in Georgian. Learn More

On this site, you will understand simply the right way to reveal to the time when it comes to Georgian while using the subsequent words and phrases with regard to:
Georgian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Georgian Language

nowახლა (ahkh-lah)
afterშემდეგ (shehm-dehg)
beforeწინ (tseen)
laterმერე (meh-reh)
earlier( )
in the morningდილით (dee-leet)
in the afternoonშუადღით (shoo-ah-dgheet)
in the eveningსაღამოთი (sah-ghah-moh-tee)
at nightღამით (ghah-meet)

Need to know just how to say 6 o-clock in Georgian? Take advantage of the terms listed below that may help you tell the latest time on the clock in Georgian.

Use the elementary Georgian phrases to know the time length for instance a Year, Week and a Four week period in Georgian language.
_____ minute_____ წუთი (ts'oo-tee)
_____ hour(s)_____ საათი (sah-ah-tee)
_____ day(s)_____ დღე (dgheh)
_____ week(s)_____ კვირა (k'vee-rah)
_____ month(s)_____ თვე (tveh)
_____ year(s)_____ წელი (ts'eh-lee)

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