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Dealing With Authorities in Georgian Language

When you find yourself going in Georgia or maybe any region where people speak Georgian and you are in an emergency situation, dealing with authorities for example the police in Georgian can be overwhelming. You will have to know no less than the basic Georgian words and phrases for crisis situations to assist you to get hold of your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Georgian Phrases For Emergencies

Georgian Language Words

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What is your name?რა გქვიათ? (rah gkvee-aht?)
What is your date of birth?დაბადების თარიღი? (dah-bah-deh-bees tah-ree-ghee?)
Where are you from?საიდან ხართ? (sah-ee-dahn khahrt?)
What is your nationality?რა ეროვნების ხართ? (rah eh-rohv-neh-bees khahrt?)
Passportპასპორტი (p'ah-sah-p'ohr-t'ee)
Stop!სდექ! (sdehk)
Come with meწამომყევი (ts'ah-mohm-q'eh-vee)

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