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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Ukrainian Language

Wish to book a hotel room in Ukraine? Exactly how do you say, I need to make a reservation for a room in Ukrainian? Important Ukrainian terms for the purpose of booking a room in hotels or planning to request a bedroom with a deck. Learn More

Using the Ukrainian accommodation similar phrases listed here, you’ll get to express your questions in Ukrainian. Examples of these questions include things like: “how many days you are booking for?” or “how much will it cost to book a room?” Eventually, you are able to figure out the actual replies in Ukrainian.
Ukrainian Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?У вас є вільні кімнати? (oo vahs yeh VEEL'nee keem-NAH-tee?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Скільки коштує кімната для одного/двох? (SKEEL'kee KOSH-too-yeh keem-NAH-tah dlyah ohd-NOH-hoh/ dvokh?)
Does the room come with...Ця кімната з... (tsyah KEEM-nah-tah zeh)
...bedsheets?...білизною? (BIHL-ihz-noiu?)
...a bathroom?...ванною? (VAHN-noiu?)
...a telephone?...телефоном? (teh-leh-FOH-nohm?)
...a TV?...телевізором? (teh-leh-VEE-zoh-rohm?)
May I see the room first?Можу я спочатку подивитись кімнату? (MOH-zhoo yah SPOH-chat-koo poh-dy-VY-tys?')
Do you have anything quieter?У вас є тихіша кімната? (oo vahs eh ty-KHIH-mah KIHM-nah-tah? )
...bigger?...більша? (...BIHL'shah)
...cleaner?...чистіша? (CHIHS-tih-mah)
...cheaper?...дешевша? (DEH-shehf-shah)
OK, I'll take it.Гаразд, мені підходить. (hah-RAZD, MEH-nee peed-KHOH-dyt')
I will stay for 1 night/2, 3, 4 nights/5+ nights.Я зупинюся на одну ніч/дві, три, чотири ночі/п'ять+ ночей. (yah ZOO-pee-ee-oh-syah nah OHD-noo nich/dvih, tri, CHOH-ty-ry NOH-chih/puh'yat'+ NOH-cheh-ehyeh)
Can you suggest another hotel?Можете порадити інший готель? (MOH-zheh-teh poh-rah-DEE-tee IHN-sheey HOH-tehl')
Do you have a safe?У є вас сейф?(oo eh seif?)
...lockers?...шухляди/шафи? (shoo-KHLYAHN/SHAH-fih)
Is breakfast/supper included?сніданок/вечеря враховані? (snih-DAH-nohk/veh-CHEH-ryah vrah-khoh-VAH-nih?)
What time is breakfast/supper?О котрій сніданок/вечеря? (oh KOHT-riy snih-DAH-nohk/veh-CHEH-ryah?)
Please clean my room.Будь ласка, приберіть мою кімнату. (bood' LAHS-kah, pry-BEH-piht' MOH-yoo kihm-NAH-too)
Can you wake me at _____?Розбудіть мене о _____? (rohz-boo-DIT' MEH-neh oh...?)
I want to check out.Я хочу виписатись. (yah KHOH-choo vy-py-SAH-tys')

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