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About the Colours in Ukrainian

While you are contemplating to go on a shopping spree in Ukraine or a Ukrainian speaking nation, make sure you find out the colours in Ukrainian language. Names of colors in Ukrainian comes in really practical while you are seeking for additional choices in several products you’re contemplating to order. Learn More

On this specific website, it’s easy to figure out how to suggest the names of different colors in Ukrainian. We hope by looking at and learning the Ukrainian color chart down below, you are able to tell all typically the most important colors in Ukrainian.
Ukrainian Language Words

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Ukrainian Colours List

blackчорний (CHOR-niy)
whiteбілий (BEE-liy)
grayсірий (SEE-riy)
redчервоний (CHER-voh-niy)
blueсиній (SI-neey)
yellowжовтий (ZHOV-tiy)
greenзелений (zeh-LEH-niy)
orangeпомаранчевий (poh-mah-RAHN-cheh-viy)
purpleпурпуровий/багряний (poor-poor-O-viy/ bahgh-RYAH-niy)
brownбрунатний/коричневий (broo-NAHT-niy/ koh-RIHCH-neh-viy)
pinkрожевий (roh-ZHEH-viy)

Click on the links directly below to see a list of beneficial Ukrainian travel words which are sorted by group. For each holiday word or phrase in Ukrainian, there’ll be the actual English translation.

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