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About Ordering Food in Ukrainian

Hungry? How to go about buying meals in Ukrainian? These are typically a lot of the queries you’ll have whenever visiting in a Ukrainian speaking nation. Learn More

Regardless if you are likely to reside in a Ukrainian speaking country or going on a short trip there, discovering how to purchase food in Ukrainian is very important. Eating out at Ukrainian eateries and cafes is often a lot of excitement, especially if you fully understand some fundamental Ukrainian restaurant vocabulary. More …
Ukrainian Language Words

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We’ve got detailed various basic food applicable key phrases in Ukrainian, directly below, hoping some may assist you if you end up buying food items in Ukrainian.

Speaking Ukrainian When Eating Out

Please click here to know the Ukrainian dinner words and phrases readily which you can use when it comes to placing your order for meals in Ukrainian dining places and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.Будь ласка, столик на одного/ на двох. (bood' LAHS-kah, STOH-lihk nah ohd-NOH-hoh/nah dvohkh)
Can I look at the menu, please?Можна меню, будь-ласка? (MOHZH-nah MEH-nyoo, bood-LAHS-kah?)
Can I look in the kitchen?Можу я подивитись кухню? (MOH-zhoo yah poh-dih-VIH-tihs' KOO-khnyoo?)
Is there a house specialty?У вас є фірмова страва? (oo vahs yeh feer-MOH-vah STRAH-vah?)
Is there a local specialty?У вас є національна/місцева кухня? (oo vahs yeh nah-tsyoh-NAHL'nah/mees-TSEH-vah KOOKH-nyah?)
I'm a vegetarian.Я вегетаріанець. (yah veh-heh-tah-RYAH-nehts')
I don't eat pork.Я не їм свинину. (yah neh yeem svih-NIH-noo)
I don't eat beef.Я не їм яловичину. (yah neh yeem yah-loh-VIH-chih-noo)
I only eat kosher food.Я їм тільки кошерну їжу. (yah yeem TEEL'kih koh-SHEHR-noo YEE-zhoo)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Чи не могли б ви приготувати це з меншою кількістю жиру? (chih neh MOH-lih buh vih prih-hoh-TOO-vah-tih tseh zeh mehn-SHOH-yoo keel'-KEES-tyoo ZHIH-roo?)
fixed-price mealкомплексна страва (kohm-PLEHK-snah STRAH-vah)
à la carteа ла карте (ah lah KAHR-teh)
breakfastсніданок (snee-DAH-nohk)
lunchобід (OH-beed)
tea (meal)чай (chai)
supperвечеря (veh-CHEH-ryah)
I want _____.Я хочу _____. (yah KHOH-choo_____)
I want a dish containing _____.Я хочу страву з_____. (yah KHOH-choo STRAH-voo zuh____)
chickenкуркою (KOOR-koh-yoo)
beefяловичиною (yah-loh-vih-CHIH-noh-yoo)
fishрибою (RIH-boh-yoo)
hamшинкою (SHIHN-koh-yoo)
sausageковбасою (kow-BAH-soh-yoo)
cheeseсиром (sih-ROHM)
eggsяйцями (YAHY-tsyah-my)
saladсалатом (sah-LAH-tohm)
(fresh) vegetables(свіжими) овочами ((svee-ZHIH-mih) oh-voh-CHAH-mih)
(fresh) fruit(свіжими) фруктами ((svee-ZHIH-mih) frook-TAH-mih)
breadхліб (khleeb)
toastгрінка (GRIHN-kah)
noodlesлокшина (lohk-SHIH-nah)
riceрис (rihs)
beansквасоля/боби (kvah-SOH-lyah/BOH-bih)
May I have a glass of _____?Принесіть/дайте склянку_____. (prih-NEH-seet')
May I have a cup of _____?Принесіть чашку _____. (prih-NEH-seet' CHASH-koo____)
May I have a bottle of _____?Принесіть пляшку_____. (prih-NEH-seet' PLYAHSH-koo____)
coffeeкави (KAH-vih)
tea (drink)чаю (CHAH-yoo)
juiceсоку (SOH-koo)
(bubbly) waterводи з газом (voh-DIH zuh HAH-zohm)
waterводи (voh-DIH)
beerпива (PIH-vah)
red/white wineчервоного/білого вина (chehr-voh-NOH-hoh/bee-LOH-hoh VIH-nah)
May I have some _____?Дайте будь-ласка _____? (DAI-teh bood'-LAHS-kah____?)
saltсіль (seel')
black pepperперець (PEH-rehts')
butterмасло (MAHS-loh)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Перепрошую, офіціанте? (peh-reh-POH-shoo-yoo, oh-fee-TSYAHN-teh?)
I'm finished.Я закінчив. (yah zah-KEEN-chihf)
It was delicious.Було дуже смачно. (VOO-loh DOO-zheh SMAHCH-noh)
Please clear the plates.Будь-ласка, приберіть тарілки. (bood' LAHS-kah, prih-BEH-reet' tah-REEL-kih)
The check, please.Рахунок, будь-ласка. (rah-KHOO-nohk, bood' LAHS-kah)

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