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Do you know precisely what to mention when you are having problems in Ukrainian? You might be in a situation where someone is annoying you or you had misplaced your handbag in a nation in which they communicate in Ukrainian. Learn More

People do not have to get worried. We collected a range of Ukrainian words that you can use in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Ukrainian Language

Leave me alone.Лиши мене в спокої. (li-SHIH meh-NEH v SPOH-koh-yee) Полиш мене. (po-LISH meh-NEH)
Don't touch me!Не чіпай мене! (neh chee-PAI meh-NEH)
I'll call the police.Я зараз викличу міліцію. (yah ZAH-rahz VI-kli-choo mee-LEE-tsee-yoo)
Police!Міліція! (mee-LEE-tsee-yah)
Stop! Thief!Стій! Злодій! (STEEH! ZLO-deeh!)
I need your help.Допоможіть мені, будь ласка. (do-po-mo-ZHEET meh-NEE, bood-LA-ska)
It's an emergency.Це дуже терміново. (tse DOO-zhe ter-mee-NO-vo)
I'm lost.Я загубився/загубилася.. (yah za-hoo-BI-vsyah) [if you are male/female]
I lost my bag.Я загубив/загубила свої речі. (yah za-hoo-BIV / za-hoo-BI-la svoh-YEE REH-chee) [if you are male/female]
I lost my wallet.Я загубив/загубила свій гаманець. (yah za-hoo-BIV / za-hoo-BI-la sviy ha-ma-NETS) [if you are male/female]
I'm sick.Я захворів/захворіла. (yah za-KHVO-riv / za-KHVO-ri-la) [if you are male/female]
I've been injured.Мене було поранено. (me-NE boo-LO po-RA-ne-no)
I need a doctor.Мені потрібен лікар. (me-NEE po-TREE-ben LEE-kar)
Can I use your phone?Чи можу я подзвонити з вашого телефону? (chi MOH-zhoo yah podz-vo-NI-ti z VA-sho-ho tele-FO-noo)

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