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Common Signs in Ukrainian Language

Planning to visit a Ukrainian speaking area? Have you questioned if you will definitely get to understand the roads warning signs in Ukrainian or even the typical signs inside an airport of your destination? Learn More

A lot of our standard signs in Ukrainian details popular symbols in public areas and typical neighborhood signs or symptoms found in Ukraine. It is necessary to get familiar with some of these signage before you make a trip to a Ukrainian speaking state, as it can help you when you are driving a vehicle or going for walks, help you in an unexpected emergency situation, or even just make a person’s life a lot easier when staying in Ukraine as well as other country where people speak the Ukrainian language. More Info
Ukrainian Language Words

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List of Common Signs in Ukrainian Language

PUSHВід себе
PULLДо себе

Select the hyperlinks directly below to see a number of useful Ukrainian travel words which are arranged by category. For each holiday phrase in Ukrainian, you will notice the actual English translation.

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