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About Ukrainian Consonants Chart

Want to know do you know the consonants in Ukrainian language? In articulatory phonetics, the Ukrainian consonant is actually a speech sound which is articulated having complete or perhaps partial closure in the vocal tract. The word consonant can also be employed to refer to a letter of the Ukrainian alphabet which indicates a consonant sound. Learn More

Ukrainian Consonants Chart

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Ukrainian Consonants in Alphabet

Бб'b' as in "bite"
Вв'v' as in "violin"
Гг'h' as in "hello"; [usually aspirated] sometimes pronounced like 'g' as in 'go'.
Ґґ'g' as in "go"; VERY rarely used
Дд'd' as in "do"
Жж'zh' as in "pleasure"
Зз'z' as in "zone"
Кк'c' as in "cat"
Лл'l' as in "love"
Мм'm' as in "mother"
Нн'n' as in "nice"
Пп'p' as in "piano"
Рр'r' is always rolled like Spanish or Scottish
Сс's' as in "sing"
Тт't' as in "top"
Фф'f' as in "fling"
ХхHard "H". Tough for English speakers. Like Scottish "loch or German "Bach".
Цц'ts' as in "sits"
Чч'ch' as in "chip"
Шш'sh' as in "shut"
Щщ'shch'. Tough for English speakers. Hard 'sh'. Halfway between 'sh' and 'ch'. Say: "fresh cheese" or "fish chowder".

Ukrainian Diphthongs in Alphabet

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