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Ordering Drinks in Ukrainian Bar

While inside of a Ukrainian speaking destination and you need to obtain a beverage in a bar or a store. It is great to learn certain Ukrainian phrases to acquire cold drinks. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Ukrainian Language

Thirsty in Ukraine or maybe in a nation where people speak the Ukrainian language? We have displayed important Ukrainian keyword phrases to get refreshments in Ukrainian language.

Ukrainian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Ви продаєте спиртне? (vih proh-DAHEH-teh SPIHT-neh?)
Is there table service?У вас є столики? (oo vahs yeh stoh-LIH-kih?)
A beer/two beers, please.Пиво/два пива, будь-ласка. (PIH-voh/dvah PIH-vah, bood' lahs-KAH)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Склянку червоного/білого вина, будь-ласка. (SKLYAHN-koo chehr-VOH-noh-goh/BEE-loh-goh vih-NOH, bood' LAHS-kah)
A pint, please.Півлітра, будь-ласка. (peev-LEET-rah, bood' lahs-KAH)
A bottle, please.Пляшку, будь-ласка. (PLYAHSH-koo, bood' lahs-KAH)
whiskeyвіскі (VEES-kee)
vodkaгорілка (goh-REEL-kah)
rumром (rohm)
waterвода (VOH-dah)
club sodaсодова (soh-DOH-vah)
tonic waterтонік (TOH-neek)
orange juiceапельсиновий сік (ah-pehl'SIH-noh-vihy seek)
Coke (soda)кола (KOH-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?У вас є закуски до пива? (oo vahs yeh zah-KOOS-kih doh PIH-vah?)
One more, please.Ще один, будь-ласка. (shcheh OHD-nih, bood' lahs-KAH)
Another round, please.Повторіть, будь-ласка. (pow-TOH-reet', bood' lahs-KAH)
When is closing time?Коли ви зачиняєтеся? (KOH-lih vih zah-chih-NYAH-yeh-teh-syah?)

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