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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in German Language

Desire to book a hotel room in Germany? How does one say, I wish to book an accommodation in German? Important German terms with regard to making your reservation for a room in hotels or needing to require a room with a balcony. Learn More

Together with the German holiday accommodation relevant sentences listed below, one can learn how to express your questions in German. Many of these inquiries include: “how many days you will be booking for?” and “how much would it cost to reserve a room?” Ideally, it will be possible to figure out the actual replies in German.
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Do you have any rooms available?Sind noch Zimmer frei? (ZINT nokh TSIM-mer FRIGH?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Wieviel kostet ein Einzelzimmer/Doppelzimmer? (vee-feel KOSS-tet ighn IGHN-tsel-tsim-mer/DOP-pel-tsim-mer?)
Does the room come with...Hat das Zimmer... (HAHT dahss TSIM-mer...)
...bedsheets?...Bettlaken? (...BET-lahk-en?)
...a bathroom? (toilet)...eine Toilette? (igh-nuh to-ah-LET-tuh?)
...a bathroom? (with cleaning facilities)...ein Badezimmer? (igh-n BAH-duh-tsim-er?)
...a telephone?...ein Telefon? (ighn tell-eh-FOHN?)
...a TV?...einen Fernseher? (igh-nen FAYRN-zay-er?)
May I see the room first?Kann ich das Zimmer erstmal sehen? (kahn ikh dahs TSIM-mer ayrst-mahl ZAY-en?)
Do you have anything quieter?Haben Sie etwas Ruhigeres? (HAH-ben zee ET-vahs ROO-ig-er-ess?)
...bigger?...größeres? (GROO-ser-ess?)
...cheaper?...billigeres? (BILL-ig-er-ess?)
OK, I'll take it.OK, ich nehme es. (OH-kay, ikh NAY-muh ess)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Ich bleibe eine Nacht (_____ Nächte). (ihk BLIGH-buh IGH-nuh nahkht/_____ NEKH-tuh) Note: The plural of 'Nacht' is 'Nächte' .
Can you suggest another hotel?Können Sie mir ein anderes Hotel empfehlen? (KOON-en zee meer ign AHN-der-ess ho-TELL emp-FAY-len?)
Note: It's not a good idea to say this, as it may be taken in an insulting manner. Try saying "Gibt es hier in der Nähe ein Reisebüro?" ("Is there a tourist agency nearby?") instead.
Do you have a safe?Haben Sie einen Safe? (HAH-ben zee IGH-nen SAYF?)
...lockers?...Schließfächer? (SHLEESS-fekh-er?)
Is breakfast/supper included?Ist Frühstück/Abendessen inklusive? (ist FRUU-shtuuk/AH-bent-ess-en in-kloo-ZEE-vuh?)
What time is breakfast/supper?Wann gibt es Frühstück/Abendessen? (VAHN gipt ess FRUU-shtuuk/AH-bent-ess-en?)
Please clean my room.Würden sie bitte mein Zimmer saubermachen? (VUUR-den zee BIT-tuh mign TSIM-mer ZOW-ber-MAHKH-en?)
Can you wake me at _____?Können Sie mich um _____ Uhr wecken? (KOON-en zee mikh oom _____ oor VECK-en?)
I would like to check out.Ich möchte auschecken. (ikh MOOKH-tuh ows-check-en)

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